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Sourced from nature, we process our natural stone in our warehouse properly.

Swimming Pool with Balinese Style

We can provide your swimming pool dream with the beauty of Bali natural stone tiles.

The Beauty of Bali's Nature

Crafted in proper to provide the beauty of Bali’s nature closest with your home.

The Stunning Green Sukabumi Stone

Our best seller product ready comes to you with the export-quality standard.

We Export to 80 Countries Worldwide

Since 2005, our team already provides more than 200 clients worldwide.
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The Six Senses Resort, Seychelles

The outdoor small spaces swimming pool project.

Bulgari Resort & Hotel, Dubai

The luxury swimming pool project.

Holiday Inn Resort, Bali

The extraordinary family’s pool project.

Laman Ceylon Hotel, Malaysia

The durable outdoor wall cladding project.

Modern DB The Terminal, USA

The beauty of Bali lavastone wall cladding project.

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Create a classic minimalist style to your design.

Green Sukabumi Stone

A premium natural green stone tiles for the luxury swimming pool.

Black Lavastone

The elegance natural stone from lava volcanic eruption.

Puka Lavastone

The unique lava stone tiles for wall cladding design.

Pebbles Stone

Beautiful garden landscaping decoration with Bali pebbles stone.

Marble Tiles

Luxury, unique, and durable marble stone tiles for modern design.

Grey Basalt

The durable natural stone tiles with its unique texture.

Sandstone Tiles

The golden-yellow grain texture made it’s distinctive character.

Lava Stone Bali Benefits for a Construction Project

Lava stone Bali belongs to the natural stones with distinctive characteristics. It comes with a unique aura which makes anyone seeing it fascinated by its beautiful look. Recently, many people use this kind of natural stone for wall decoration. That’s why it becomes...

Green Sukabumi Stone: Uses, Finishing and Color Appearance

Green Sukabumi stone or Pedra Hijau Verde belongs to a famous natural stone, especially in the pool tiles market around the world. This natural stone is designed specifically for swimming pool area as the tiles. In Bali, Rio De Janeiro, Maldives, etc., most luxury...

Pedra Hijau Verde Stone for a Natural Green Swimming Pool

Pedra Hijau Verde should be the primary if you want a natural green swimming pool material. Find out more about this must-have stone below.

Best dating sites

Many local newspapers had online personals in the mid 1990s but were bought out by these big dating sites. From some of the comments it really shows how desperate dating sites are for money that they even advertise in comment sections. You have a much better chance...

The Best Indonesia Natural Stone for Your Fabulous Swimming Pool

The natural stone itself can be found anywhere but it doesn’t equal because of its characteristics. Indonesia’s natural stone is still the best one overall.

Bali Natural Stone for Exotic and Comfy House Designs

These days, Bali Natural stone is one of the most popular construction materials. Not only because of its durability, but Bali Natural stone also has a distinctive look that makes people interested in installing some into their house/apartment or building. Now, let’s...
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Bathtubs & Sink

The origin of riverstone bathtubs & sink become a beautiful bathroom decoration with romantic and natural ambiance