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Bali natural stone for wall cladding in Sofitel Nusa Dua, Bali

Natural stone is the choice for those who want to have an extraordinary interior and exterior. This is a new trend where experts are starting to switch to choosing the natural stone to beautify the decorations. Unfortunately, people have limited options when it comes to choosing natural stone for their home renovation. All this time they thought that marble was the main choice and there was no other option. However, you can consider Bali natural stone as an option considering that this natural stone has many advantages. Moreover, many interior designers are starting to look at Bali natural stone for several projects such as swimming pools, wall cladding, pavers, to interior decorations such as ceramics. This provides evidence that Bali natural stone can be chosen as the right alternative for your various home renovation projects.

We have done a little research and the results prove that Bali natural stone is getting more and more popular from time to time. This is evidenced by the many large projects that use Bali natural stone as the main material. What makes construction experts love Bali natural stone? Here’s a summary of the advantages of Bali natural stone for your home!

Advantages Bali Natural Stone for Home Decoration 2021

Bali natural stone create paradise-look likes in Sofitel Nusa Dua, Bali

Reasonable Price

Price is the main reason many builders switch from marble to Balinese natural stone. We all know that marble is a natural stone that has the most expensive price among others. Even the price of marble slabs has increased in recent years. This makes many people look for other alternatives until they finally find Bali natural stones which turn out to have very good quality. Even at a more affordable price, Bali natural stone offers almost the same beauty and exoticism as marble. There are many options of Bali natural stone to make perfect home decoration such as White Limestone, Black Lava stone, Bali Sandstone tiles, and even green Sukabumi stone for your outstanding summer swimming pool.


Another reason that makes Bali natural stones will provide many advantages for your home is versatility. With only one main material, you can be creative to carry out renovations in various areas. Bali natural stones can be used as wall cladding, ceramics, pool tiles, to other projects that use natural stones. This is an advantage that no other natural stone has. Now you can pour your creativity and explore new materials to beautify your home decor.

Strong and Durable

Natural stone is used because it has a very good level of strength and resistance. However, in reality, some natural stones are easily weathered due to corrosion and eventually reduce their quality. Changes in weather can also be one of the factors that cause natural stone to become weathered and eventually collapse. Using Balinese natural stones means you don’t have to worry about the level of strength and durability. Bali natural stones are of very good quality because they are immune to stains, scratches, and are resistant to extreme weather changes.

Its Uniqueness and Authenticity

It is impossible to reject the idea that Bali natural stone doesn’t show exoticism and authenticity. People start to realize that the Bali natural stone is a new gem. It is not surprising that the demand for this stone is increasing in the last few years.

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4 Benefits of Using Bali Natural Stone for Your House