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Ever wondered how to finish your floors? In designing interiors and exteriors, floor finish is always one of the most important considerations. Unlike the walls and the ceilings, floors are more critical because there are other factors to consider in choosing its finish, aside from aesthetics. More than anything else, the functionality and the durability of the floor finish are very important.

Amazingly though, designers are spared from the dilemma of looking for suitable floor finish materials as there are a lot of materials that are not only durable, but aesthetically pleasing as well. However, the difficulty lies in choosing the best material that would be perfect for particular floor finishing applications.

Stone and its products have always been the most widely used flooring materials worldwide. Though times have changed and there are already a number of other suitable flooring materials, a lot of designers still opt for stone products. Stone products offer the sturdiness that is required for floors. Moreover, the natural appearance of stone products make these materials perfect for almost any type of environment.

One of the most popular stone products used in floorings is indonesia sandstone tiles. Sandstone is composed of rock grains or fine sized mineral. Basically the basic components of sandstone are quartz and feldspar, these being the most common minerals found in the earth’s crust. Since sandstone is uniquely formed by nature, it is highly resistant to weathering. Moreover, sandstone can be of any color, but the most common colors are white, yellow and white, and brown with yellowish shade. Since sandstone is formed in in-land rivers and lakes, visible fossil patterns are assumed, leaving unique imprints and designs on its surface. As such, each sandstone is distinct from the others.

Sandstone is generally quarried from its deposit. The popularity of sandstone as has spread worldwide and its demand has equally increased as well. Generally, sandstone is quarried in large blocks, where it is further finished for specific applications. The architectural value of sandstone is indeed extensive as it can be used as archways, door surrounds, benches, large columns, and many other exterior applications.

Some of the most common types of sandstone include the indonesia Golden Palimo, indonesia Yellow Palimo sandstone, indonesia Green Sandstone, and indonesia White palimo Sandstone. Golden Palimo is fine-grained which enables a smooth and clean surface finish. Yellow Palimanan is also fine-grained, but is more yellowish in color than Golden Palimo. Green Sandstone is also fine-grained, but is greenish in color in contrast to the other types of sandstone. Finally, the White Palimo is creamy white in color and is also ideal for a smooth and clean cut finish. These different types of indonesia sandstone  tiles are used for pool coping, flooring, and striking wall application. Moreover, these are available in different finishing like sawn cut, honed, and bush hammered.

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Advantages of Palimo White Sandstone