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Choosing the right material for wall cladding is certainly not an easy matter.

Given that there are many options that can be used to adorn the walls, we must be able to know the character of each item so that we can get the appropriate material. This is very important because wall cladding is not something cheap.

You have to plan really well so that the project goes according to plan. If you fail, you will lose more time and money. So the choice of material will determine the final result of the wall cladding project.

Here, we will give you some tips in choosing the right material for eco-friendly cladding like the Pullman Ciawi has used with Bali Basalt stone for wall cladding.

Bali Basalt Stone Wall Cladding and Things That Make It Special

Of course, there are special reasons that make Pullman Ciawi Vimala Hills Resort Spa & Convention choose Bali Basalt stone for wall cladding. If you don’t know, then we will get to know more about this natural stone.

Considered an extrusive rock, Basalt is widely used for a variety of large projects such as pavers, swimming pools, landscaping to wall cladding. For the latter technique, many use this natural stone because it is considered to last a long time as outdoor cladding. Formed from frozen lava, Basalt is also a natural stone that has excellent strength, is resistant to weather, and is also available in several color choices.

These advantages will ensure that every outdoor wall cladding project will be the finest. At Pullman Ciawi Vimala Hills Resort Spa & Convention, for example, they choose Bali Basalt stone because it was considered to be able to create walls with an eco-friendly impression.

basalt-cladding-pullman-ciawi (2)
Bali basalt create a beautiful natural look at the Pullman Ciawi’s Wall Cladding

Although Pullman is a modern chain hotel brand, its unique combination with the Eco-Friendly concept has succeeded in creating a charming appearance on this site. We can see that there is a perfect blend of contemporary concepts that are still in touch with natural accents. Now you can see for yourself how the Basalt stone adorns every wall in this resort.

Bali Basalt is A Perfect Option for Eco-friendly Stone Wall Cladding Concept

We can even see the beautiful color gradations of the Bali Basalt stone used as wall cladding at Pullman Ciawi Vimala Hills Resort Spa & Convention. Not only dark gray, but Bali Basalt stone also has light and green colors which give us the flexibility to choose. The varied colors also allow us to continue to explore what works best for wall cladding projects.

basalt-cladding-pullman-ciawi (1)
Another elegant wall parts with Bali Basalt at Pullman Ciawi

In this case, they use grey Basalt stone which gives an elegant and modern impression without neglecting the Eco-Friendly concept which is the main focus. This natural stone works like magic as it blends with the vicinity flawlessly.

From now, you already knew that the Bali Basalt stone is one of the best materials for wall cladding. Pullman Ciawi Vimala Hills Resort Spa & Convention has done amazing things with the stone by creating a unique appearance on each side of the walls. Now you can see that the Eco-Friendly concept doesn’t overlap the grand design that still puts the modern concept first before anything.

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Bali Basalt Stone Wall Cladding Create A Modern Natural Look at Pullman Ciawi