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Bali stone for swimming pool project at Medellin, Colombia

Bali Green Stone & Black Lava Stone are the favorite natural stones globally, especially for swimming pools. Not only has that, especially for Black Lava Stone, had much use like wall cladding. The greenstone, also known as Green Sukabumi Stone, has a famous market in Bali’s South American and Middle Eastern countries. In Brazil, this green stone has its name, which is called Pedra Hijau Verde. This stone is a type of Indonesian quartzite stone; it comes from a quarry that was an ancient lake in West Java Province, Indonesia. These Bali Green stones and Black Lava Stone can be the perfect combination for decorating outdoor spaces like gardens or swimming pool areas.

Talking about Green Sukabumi Stones it does can be separated with the benefits of this stone. This stone is actually a rare stone and only can be found in Indonesia. It has natural green color, so it is why this stone is usually used in a high-class hotel and resort for the swimming pool, pool wall, and so on. This stone character is hard and strong like andesite makes it reliable for long-term usage. The benefits of this stone when it is wet, it looks greener and gives a calming feel for everyone looking at it. And when this stone is combined with Black Lava Stone, it gives a traditional touch and feels. For Bali Black Lava Stone has stronger look. The uniqueness of black lava stone is it has small porous on the surface of the stone.

Swimming pool with Bali Green Stone & Black Lava Stone

bali-green-stone-black-lavastone-swimming-pool-project (1)
Bali green stone x Bali Lava stone at the pool

Applying these two perfect pairs of stones in the swimming pool will make the pool look elegant. This two stones combination has a special characteristic that boosts the natural look of the river or sea. This stone has an air-cooled system, so this will give a cool feeling and refresh. The airflow system is from the little holes in the black lava stone. Like we mentioned before that this stone has a unique small porous on its surface. The holes or porous make the surface of black lava stone flow the water and air well. It makes the temperature of black lava stone tiles on the swimming pool floor stable. Also, these two stones are anti-slip, so you don’t have to worry about it when they get wet.

The other advantage uses these pairs of stones is the safety because of anti-slip. This stone also has strength and unique features. This material is strong enough under the long period of tropical weather, which has a hot and rainy season. This is proven by many temples that still use lava stone strongly enough these days until hundreds of years are built. You can use this stone outdoors because it is versatile, such as pavers, pool tiling, and even some corners in the house’s interior. All these Bali Green Stone also can give a natural look. So, people like to be near this stone because it relives after long tiring works in the city. If you are interested in this pair of stones for decorating, you can find the best quality one in Stone Depot Indonesia.

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