A swimming pool could be a great addition to your relaxation and recreation time at home. Building it might cost you more. But, the benefits you can get from it are many. However, to make your swimming pool has both those relaxing benefits and a beautiful appearance; you should choose the right material to incorporate in it. For that one, we recommend you the Bali Green Stone.

What is Bali Green Stone?

“Swimming pool with exotic Bali green stone in Junglebond private house, Bali”

It is one of the types of natural stone made of Quartzite stone. It has a beautiful and natural appearance, which makes it become the most popular natural stone for the swimming pool. This stone is not only a popular choice for the residential swimming pool. Many big resorts and five-star hotels also use this type of stone because of its elegant and beautiful appearance. And, it is not only in Indonesia. You also can find it in other countries, such as Dubai or Thailand.

However, Bali Green Stone is not simply a natural stone for swimming pool tiles. It also has a secret compound that gives it advantages as the swimming pool tiles material. It is the Zeolite. The Quartzite stone contains a high amount of Zeolite. This compound has to purify properties that help keep the water in the swimming pool clean. This material absorbs dangerous substances in the water, such as contaminants, odor, and heavy metals.

Appearance-wise, this stone looks beautiful. Then, with the addition of Zeolite, we believe that you understand why this stone became the most popular choice for swimming pool tiles material. Therefore, if you want to build, renovate, or upgrade a swimming pool, use this stone material.

Two Types of Bali Green Stone’s Pattern and Texture

“Bali green stone with plain and crystal green color based”

The Bali Green Stone that you can find in the store is available in various types and patterns. However, if we have to categorize it, this stone has two options of pattern and texture you can buy. They are:

  • Plain Pattern

Plain patterns give you a smooth appearance on your swimming pool tiles. It creates a calm and relaxing ambiance that you might need to spend more time in your pool. This type of tiles is also a perfect choice to pair with other natural stones that you might use for the swimming pool wall. So, get it, if you want more freedom to make a combination.

  • Crystal Texture

This texture emphasizes more color and shape on the surface of the stone. It creates a good combination when you apply some underwater lighting with it. It makes the water looks waiver and feels like the natural water resource you can find outdoor.

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