Find out the uniqueness of Bali grey basalt tiles that you can easily spot in The Trans Resort Bali!

Bali Grey Basalt for Interior Tiles – Photo Taken at The Trans Resort, Bali (Courtesy of The Trans Resort, Bali )

The use of  Bali grey basalt tiles contributes to the prominent features of The Trans Resort Bali, one of the most sought-after accommodations boating the lively atmosphere of Seminyak. This material is cleverly used as the paving stone for the pathway, entrance hall, pool areas, as well as other communal spaces on site. No wonder, the resort is not only valued for its well-appointed amenities and magnificent designs, but also for the selection of high-quality building materials. Strong and dense in nature, Bali grey basalt is considered the best choice that can match the natural elegance of The Trans Resort Bali.

Bali Basalt – The Uniqueness of Bali Grey Basalt for Flooring Tile

Bali Basalt for Swimming Pool Tiles – Photo taken at The Trans Resort, Bali (Courtesy of The Trans Resort, Bali)

The selection of Bali grey basalt tiles for exterior of The Trans Resort Bali is not done without reason. Strikingly similar to Bali andesite stone with dark-grey color, Bali basalt with elegance grey-dark color is renowned for its unique characteristics that bring many benefits to the building. Bali basalt stones are quarried from the volcanic areas, mainly in Java Island, Indonesia. They are composed of biotite, amphibole, and plagioclase materials while containing a high amount of silicon oxide. Because they are naturally formed in the quarry, Bali grey basalt stone for flooring tile has high endurance and stable surface. They can tolerate temperature changes, making them suitable for paving stones which require hard and dense construction.

The exquisite Bali grey basalt tiles fall into the category of hard rock stone tiles. This type of natural stone comes in a wide range of finishing types, including honed, polished, sawn cut, flamed, cobblestone, rough face, and irregular random. Each finishing type has its own uniqueness and can be used for different purposes. For instance, Bali grey basalt tiles with sawn cut finishing are good for the simple, rough-textured exterior. Meanwhile, cobblestone finishing serves as a perfect choice for paving stone or pathway. If you want to emphasize the natural elements in the wall or flooring, rough face basalt is considered the best finishing.

The variety of Bali grey basalt tiles can match any setting or design in the most proper way. Although they are mainly used as the paving stones for pathway, driveway, and other high-traffic areas in the exterior setting, these natural stones are equally good for the interior. The fine grain and smooth finishing of basalt stone tiles can be applied to the kitchen countertops as an alternative to granite. Additionally, some other finishing types are suitable for covering or layering the wall areas. To put it briefly, grey basalt tiles from Bali are not only perfect for high-end accommodations like The Trans Resort Bali, but also for any other housing that values styles in general.

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Bali Grey Basalt Tiles – The Uniqueness of Bali Grey Basalt Tiles in The Trans Resort Bali