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Bali Limestone has been known since many years ago as it used for various purposes in the building sector. The use of Bali limestone as part of a minimalist home is very suitable to be combined. Even in the use of wall cladding if you want to choose the perfect material to adorn your wall.

Most of the buildings use ceramics or simply paint the wall, but to make your wall more outstanding, we can drop our choice to natural Bali Limestone. The use of natural Bali limestone as wall cladding of the house will make the house look natural, especially in the design of the house that chooses minimalist style home design. Bali limestone is liked by many people because of its strength that can withstand all temperatures and weather. 

The durability of Bali Limestone

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Comfy living room design with Bali limestone wall cladding

Limestone is rich in minerals and highly durable than others. It’s because the Bali limestone not contains fragmented constituent materials such as pebbles, rubbles, and fossils. It wouldn’t make wrecked even under the hot sun by daylight or cold rain changes on facades when used as exterior wall panels. There is no doubt to use Bali Limestone in the wall cladding project to give the touch of minimalist style.

Bali Limestone’s neutral light and soft color make it perfect for any interior design. You can use it as the base of designs of buildings. It is popular for a dry bathroom part, master bedroom, and living room. Limestone is porous and soft, so it is easy to customize and modify with every piece of furniture.

Wall Cladding in minimalist design

Creating a minimalist look from natural materials is an ageless trend in architecture. In terms of wall cladding options, we suggest using natural stone, because it has a wide range of options. But if you want the best for the minimalist design, Bali limestone is the stylish premium material to amaze everyone.

The combination of Bali limestone use in wall cladding for minimalist style for your building has offered a much variation of patterns. The Bali limestone has light shades, ranging from off-white to cream and subtle grey. You can choose the patterns according to your preference, but in terms of minimalist style, the bright color will be perfect for your wall cladding.

Bali Limestone – Sofitel Nusa Dua Resort, Bali

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Minimalist workplace room with Bali Limestone for its wall décor

The Bali Limestone makes the wall cladding into minimalism style to decorate the interior of the Sofitel Nusa Dua resort. It is a perfect choice as it looks simple, and the white color into a minimalist design. The elegant material of limestone works best with any lighting fixture in Sofitel. The Bali limestone wall cladding also has characteristic that attract every people who see it. It doesn’t matter the reasons that put you into this astonishing stone.

The minimalist style in Sofitel Nusa Dua Resort was used linear bricks that will show elegance and fascination.  The limestone in Sofitel Nusa Dua resort matches perfectly with the main concept of interior design on the property. The walls give a warm feeling of minimalism.  

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Bali Limestone and Its Minimalist Approach for Interior Wall Cladding