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Bali is a beautiful place because this island has an extraordinary nature. You can enjoy the sunset every day or explore the unspoiled tropical forest. You can also stay at a resort at the end of a cliff while swimming in the infinity pool to enjoy your day off. The natural beauty of Bali can also be enjoyed in other ways, for example by using Bali natural stones to adorn your property. This natural stone will even take your home to a new level, making it look more exotic and environmentally friendly. Those two aspects are something that will make your house different than others.

Various Type of Balinese Natural Stone

Bali natural stone bathtubs for the romantic bathroom style

When talking about Bali natural stone, there are many options that you can choose that will create an extraordinary impression in every room. Like in the bathroom, you can ditch your regular bathtub and start using a Balinese stone bath. Yes, you can enjoy every moment in a more valuable way even when you are in the bath. The Bali stone bath is one of the masterpieces that have received the most attention. The large stone is carved by experienced craftsmen so that it becomes a bathtub that will become a focal point in the bathroom. Something giant that will change the way you take a bath every day.

Balinese stone basins for the extraordinary bathroom at Alam Manis Resort, Cirebon

If that is not enough, you can add an earthy element to your bathroom by changing the basins with the Bali stone basins. This is a unique item that will transform the way you look at the basin. Just like the Bali stone bath, the stone basins are also whole stone carved by the craftsmen. A small item like this can turn the bathroom into something exceptional. As you now have two stone elements in your bathroom, you can feel the natural ambiance presence in every bath you take. Now the bathroom has a relaxing ambiance that will give you a different experience.

Bali green sukabumi stone create the shimmering swimming pool in Renaissance Pattaya Spa & Resort, Thailand

Once we have done with the bathroom, now it is time to make the house to the next level with the Bali natural stone. This time we move to the swimming pool in the backyard that would be suitable when you use the Bali Green Sukabumi stone. This is a unique stone that will make the pool cleaner and prettier. The stone has a substance that will kill the bacteria naturally. And its amazing tone will make the pool shimmering during the day. The Bali Green Sukabumi stone also provides safety features with an anti-slip surface. Plus, its ability to resist heat will ensure the pools are fresh every day.

Bali black lava natural stone for the tropical-style wall cladding at Holiday Inn Resort, Bali

We are not done yet as the Bali black lava stone is something you need for wall cladding. The bold black stone tiles will bring elegant nuance to your walls. You can create different patterns to make them more festive. The black lava stone will change your plain walls into something more real. And all of these Bali natural stones will bring a new way of life once you applied them.

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Bali Natural Stone Can Brings Your Home to The Next Level