These days, Bali Natural stone is one of the most popular construction materials. Not only because of its durability, but Bali Natural stone also has a distinctive look that makes people interested in installing some into their house/apartment or building.

Now, let’s find out everything about Bali stone, starting from where it is found, the design ideas, and how to order the products.

Bali Natural Stone
Bali Natural Stone

Interesting Facts about Bali Natural Stone

Like its name, Bali Natural stone products are only found in Bali. Many people have used them to build long-lasting and aesthetic houses and buildings. Let’s get to know about this stone from the paragraphs below.

Bali Natural Stone Types

Bali Natural stones consist of several types, and each has its characteristics and authenticity. Here the tone is some types of Bali Natural stones you should know.

–       Bali Green Stone

Bali Green stone is a popular type used for swimming pool tiles and floors. The natural green color mixes well with water. Also, it is durable and has an exotic look when installed on the swimming pool tiles and floors.

–       Kerobokan Stone

The word Kerobokan relates to the place where the stones were found. Bali Kerobokan Stone comes from the sand deposit, making it easier to cut and polish. Besides, it also consists of several unique colors like grey, yellowish-grey and white grey.

Bali Natural Stone Characteristics

The next thing you should know is the characteristics of Bali Natural stones listed below.

–       Resistant to Weather Changes

Bali Natural stones are originally resistant to any changes in the weather. Thus, you would have a long-lasting building with Bali Natural stones.

–       Non-slip and Purify the Water

The other advantage is that it has a non-slip surface which is safe to turn into floorings. Besides, it also consists of several substances and minerals that could purify the water.

–       Perfect for Both Exteriors and Interiors

With its unique shapes and exotic colors, Bali Natural stones could be manufactured for many uses, such as floorings, pool coping, wall cladding, tiles, and many more.

Design Ideas and Supplier of Bali Natural Stone

Before you buy Bali Natural stone, check on some inspiring design ideas below

1.   Bathtub


Have a unique natural bathtub style with this comfy Bali Natural stone design!

2.   Wall Cladding

Wall Cladding

To provide more protection to the walls, you may install the aesthetic Bali Natural stones.

3.   Wall Carving

Wall Carving
Wall Carving

Do you value something artistic and unique? This Bali Natural stone is the right choice for you!

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