Sukabumi Stone Pool Tiles – Perfect Green Pool Views on North Side of Sumatera Island

Sukabumi Pool Tiles at BeOceanKrui

Sukabumi Stone Tiles at BeOcean Krui North Sumatera – Photo courtesy of BeOcean Krui

BeOcean is an attractive new ocean front camp on the borders of Krui, North Sumatra. Guests can come and enjoy continuous surf, delightful food as well as its warm and welcoming atmosphere. Comfy bungalows and facilities surrounded by luxurious gardens and the exotic swimming pool with Sukabumi Stone Bali Pool tiles, combined with incredible food each day make this place a perfect gateway for all surfers, couples, and families. Sukabumi Green Stone, called as Sukabumi Eco-friendly Natural Stone is identified as a unique green color that can be found only in Indonesia and used as Bali pool tiles as well.

The word “natural stone” mentions to a diversity of mountain-born mineral materials that stand in contrast to any artificial or industrial stone products. Collective natural stone flooring comprises marble, granite, limestone, slate, travertine, and sandstone, which have somewhat diverse properties. Natural Stones are very well-known building materials for pools in the world since ancient times, including Bali pool tiles. Today, Natural stones are in as much demand as ever due to their nice appearance and charming character. They can be used as pool decks, pool stairs, pool copings, and retaining walls as well to give a luxury look to the surrounding of the pool.

Bali Natural Stone Tiles – Exotic Green Swimming Pool Tiles at BeOcean Krui North Sumatera

Sukabumi inside the pool at BeOceanKrui

Sukabumi inside the pool at BeOceanKrui – Photo courtesy of BeOcean Krui

Natural stone tiles are the perfect material for swimming pool floors and suitable for pool paving application due to their durability, slip resistance, and safety.They are salt water resistant and available in a wide-ranging selection of shapes, colors, and sizes. Moreover, non-slip and chlorine will not change their colors. Durable, multipurpose, affordable and strong, natural stones are very natural in their completed texture. Sukabumi Stone is very popular in the world as an exotic and unique natural green stone. Natural Green Stone Sukabumi offers stunning design and style suitable for swimming Bali Pool tiles, as well as for your pools cape.

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Bali Pool Tiles – Exotic Sukabumi Stone Pool Tiles at BeOcean Krui North Sumatera Project by Stone Depot