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In the interior design, the match between indoor and outdoor styles must have a line that goes in the same direction. This is very important so that we can understand the main concept of a property thanks to harmony.

Although some people are doing bold things by adopting the mix and match concept, this is very risky for large-scale projects such as hotels. In this case, we can see how Pullman Ciawi Vimala Hills Resort Spa & Convention is taking the right steps because it chooses harmony to maintain design balance. You can see that every inch of the resort building has a characteristic that can’t be separated from the main concept.

Perfect Outdoor Style with A Classic Limestone Wall Tiles

For the indoor area, we can see that Pullman Ciawi Vimala Hills Resort Spa & Convention puts forward an artistic contemporary style. As for the outdoor area, it seems that this resort has not changed much. But this is what makes the two areas have a beautiful harmony.

classic-white-limestone-cladding-pullman-bogor (2)
The perfect wall cladding style with Bali Limestone in Pullman Ciawi

In this article, we will focus more on discussing outdoor areas that have a beautiful appearance thanks to Indonesia Limestone. The use of natural stone for outdoor areas has been successful in creating a unique contemporary blend even though it uses materials derived from nature.

Pullman Ciawi Vimala Hills Resort Spa & Convention uses Limestone tiles to make the walls look like they have a strong character. Also, there are reasons that emphasize the use of natural stone for walls. Apart from the matter of strength and durability, natural stone is also considered the right material because it will give a beautiful appearance.

Bali White Limestone Cladding Improve the Outdoor More Classy

classic-white-limestone-cladding-pullman-bogor (1)
Classic white limestone improve the classic nuance of the place

Outdoor areas also need beauty so they can balance out the beauty of the indoor designs. Limestone was chosen because this natural stone also has a variety of colors that can create a unique texture. In addition, limestone is also a versatile stone because it can be used for several areas at once.

It means that other than the wall cladding, you can use the Indonesia Limestone for pavers or landscaping too. Pullman Ciawi Vimala Hills Resort Spa & Convention is one of the best resorts in town that has a unique in and out design.

And they use a lot of natural stone to decorate every inch of the area. Other than pavers, they use Indonesia Limestone to create amazing wall cladding texture that adds to the beauty of the vicinity. This proves that the natural stone has a versatile function as they use it for several occasions. Now they can create different ambiance with just one type of natural stone.

In short, when you are searching for products that will elevate the appearance of the outdoor areas, Indonesia Limestone is the perfect natural stone that will do everything there. This stone is flexible as you can do a lot of fun projects with that. It will let you explore your wildest dream of decorating the outdoor and make them have a beautiful look.

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Beautiful Outside Look with Classic Limestone at Pullman Ciawi Vimala