Our Bali Golden Yellow Sandstone is a premium Bali natural stone for the tropical flooring tile. Many hotels and resorts over the world have used this exotic natural stone tile to improve the tile. If you need to find
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Bali Sandstone Tiles in Hawaii Private Home Project by Stone Depot (Courtesy of Stone Depot Client in Hawaii)

Building a dream home is one thing that can be proud of if it can be realized. But to make it come true is not as easy as what we usually imagine. Apart from the costs involved, choosing a design and also building materials can be quite tiring. The relationship between design and material is very close because to realize a dream home with a design according to our wishes, we need the right material so that the building structure is sturdy and appropriate. In this case, if you want to build a medieval or vintage house design, then you need to choose the right material, such as the stone for example. The Bali golden-yellow sandstone might be the best selection if you want to build a classic home design.

Throwback to Stone Depot Project in Hawaii with Bali Sandstone Tiles

Bali Golden Yellow Sandstone for Flooring Tile
(Courtesy Stone Depot Client Project in Hawaii)

In the mid-50s, the Yellow Sandstone is one of the most popular stones in that era. In Indonesia, we call it Bali golden yellow Sandstone and some people know it as Palimanan stone. Just like its name, this beautiful stone has a yellowish and golden tone that matches the vintage ambiance of the house. The Yellow Sandstone has a unique texture thanks to its natural process which formed by the sediment of sand that changing over the years. It looks like that this stone has a yellow vein which similar to the wood texture. It is not surprising that people that choose this stone as their home materials are usually combined with the wooden structure.

Special Characteristics of Bali Sandstone

Bali Golden Sandstone Tiles

The golden yellow Sandstone is a kind of soft stone; it is different like Andesite that has a high level of hardness. This stone also has a particular color combination, even though we call it golden and yellow, but some parts of the stone have white and brown spots that give a different texture. It also has unique nature as the Sandstone is resistant from any kind of weather condition so it is good for the outdoor area. Stone Depot, one of the most reliable manufactures and home design consultants in Indonesia has used the beauty Bali golden yellow Sandstone application in Hawaii project. The result is amazing because the Sandstone looks perfect and matches with the whole architecture.

As we mentioned before about its hardness, you should be careful in using the Bali golden yellow Sandstone because the thickness does matter. If you want to use this stone for flooring or walking like tiles, do not choose Bali golden yellow Sandstone that just has 1 or 2 mm of thickness because it would be broken or crack easily. We recommend you to choose the tiles or stone with a thickness of more than 4 mm that is okay to stand with the high force like the floor. The yellow Sandstone can absorb the water easily so we suggest you install the stone as soon as possible after you put the mixed cement that has water on there. Don’t forget to use a coating to keep it bright and porous in order to keep the stone or tiles durable over the years.

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Beauty Bali Golden Yellow Sandstone Application in Hawaii Project by Stone Depot