As an architect or project designer, you will choose the most reliable materials for your building. When you build a swimming pool, you will need anti-slip material to avoid accidents. You can use black lava stone tiles, which are easier to install and good in quality. 

Understanding Black Lava Stone Tiles

Black lava stone tiles are the ancient materials widely used in several popular places such as Borobudur Temple and Prambanan. The black color of this stone makes it popular worldwide because it can suit different architectural designs. You will get a great color shading that comes up from nature.

The Origin of Black Lava Stone

Black Lavastone Tiles

What does black lava stone mean? Lava stone, like its name, derives from the molten rock under the high temperature at the bottom of the volcano. Geothermal energy makes the rock crust and then formed to a new, more substantial material, lava stone.

The lava came up to the surface, and the temperature degradation made it solid. Lava stone has a unique texture with several materials mixed on it that also has black color combined with various patterns.

There is the most popular lava stone worldwide, which came from Indonesia, a country with many volcanoes. Most Bali stone pool tiles with a black color use black lava stone as the primary material. It came from Stone Depot Indonesia, which provides the highest-quality black lava stone.

Unique Characteristic

Black lava stones were popular because they have a high density, making them one of the most robust materials.

This stone has a lot of functions. You can use it in your swimming pool or on the exterior wall. Lava stone can absorb heat from the sun, so you can keep walking above it without burning your feet. This material also can make your house feel a bit cooler because of that characteristic.

This stone will put out a high temperature during the winter, making your house warm even if it is very cold outside. This material has been widely used in AS and other countries.

Benefits of Black Lava Stone Tiles

Unlike andesite tiles, black lava stone has more benefits to your building, such as adding beauty to your property.

  • Strong dan Stable

The main reason people keep choosing this material is because of resistant to any weather and is also relatively stable. You don’t need to worry about the durability, excellent look, and strength because it has gone through a long natural process.

  • Anti-slip

Black lava stone is the best material for your swimming pool because it has an anti-slip character and also absorbs heat in the water. Take a look at Borobudur Temple if you need something to prove the lava stone’s durability.

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