As you always know, swimming pools are identical to the color blue. But did you know that, other than blue, you can also have a swimming pool with the color green? Well, if you’re bored with blue pools, you can try having green pools. For that, try green pool tiles so you can experience them.

You can use green glass tiles to do that. But, it is better if you use a natural stone as your pool tiles. Aside from looking more gorgeous and luxurious, the stones are also safer and more functional. It is because the stones are less slippery than other materials.

Green Sukabumi - at Chisinau, Moldova (3)
Swimming Pool with Green Sukabumi Stone

Which Green Pool Tiles that I Can Choose?

There are several options that you can choose from. All of them are made from high-quality natural stones which can make your swimming pool look more glamorous. Here are the lists!

1.      Green Sukabumi Stone

The first option that you can choose is Green Sukabumi Stone. It is a stone that you can find only in Indonesia. That is why the stone is rare, valuable, and is in high demand. It is very suitable for you if you want the impression of a luxurious swimming pool.

The stones will make your swimming pools look greenish, so it has a tropical vibe. It is very refreshing and complements well with your resort, hotel, etc.

2.      Indonesia Green Sandstone Ocean Wave

Apart from Green Sukabumi Stone, there is also Indonesia Green Sandstone Ocean Wave that you can choose from. This stone is very versatile and compatible with many things, this is why Sandstone became the most famous natural stone from Indonesia.

Even though the color of tiles isn’t exactly in the green shade, it can inject a unique green color into the pools. This stone surely can make your swimming pool more dazzling.

Aside from Blue and Green, Is There Any Other Color that I Can Try?

The answer is yes, you can try any other color than blue-green pool tiles. Even though dark blue pool tiles are the most popular ones, that doesn’t mean other colors are bad. If we talk about natural stone tiles, we also have grey, earth tone, and red.

1.      Grey Tiles

The color of grey pool tiles is very compatible with the color of the water. It can give you a new shade of blue, similar to the color of the ocean. Instead of aquamarine pool tiles, you can try the grey one for a fresher atmosphere.

2.      Earth Tones Tiles

If you like earth-tone colors, you can try this one. There are a lot of shades that you can choose; from cream, beige, or brown. This tone color can make the water look clearer.

3.      Red

Even though the color red is not that common for pool tiles, it is worth the try. The color red can make the water in your swimming pool look more transparent. It is perfect for you if you aim for a more exciting look.

How to Purchase?

You can purchase the tiles at Stone Depot. Contact us through our hotline in Whatsapp on (Sinta) or email

We will help you to find the best green pool tiles, or other colors as well, for you.