Our Green Sukabumi Stone is a premium Bali natural stone for the sparkling swimming pool. Many hotels and resorts over the world have used this exotic natural stone tile to improve the pool. If you need to find
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Breathtaking Green Sukabumi Stone in Trinidad & Tobago Pool Project by Stone Depot – Photo courtesy of Stone Depot Project in Trinidad & Tobago

It’s always been a dream to spend the holiday in a resort where it has a beautiful pool with a breathtaking view. It is like a perfect package as you can do two different things at once and squeeze advantages out of it. I mean, who doesn’t like to swim in a mesmerizing pool with a breathtaking view? Earlier this year, Stone Depot just finished a new project in Trinidad and Tobago, installing the Green Sukabumi Stone on a mini-sized pool at one of the famous resorts. It is safe to say that it is a small project, but the impact is huge! A small pool looks fascinating and people will love it. It also has a plus value as the pool has a breathtaking view.

Breathtaking Pool with High-Quality Materials and Exceptional Execution

breathtaking-green-sukabumi-stone (2)
Breathtaking Pool with Green Sukabumi – Photo courtesy of Stone Depot Project in Trinidad & Tobago

The pool is situated on one side of the resort where it has a beautiful view in front of it. As long as you can see, it is the tropical forest, the cape, the small island, and the blue ocean waving to you. This is a perfect spot for your next gateway as you can choose the resort to stay. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t heard about the country of Trinidad and Tobago before, but at least now you know where to go for your next holiday. You might have been to another tropical country, but Trinidad and Tobago are waiting for you to come and explore. Also, the surprise is not only the view, but it is also right inside the pool with Green sukabumi stone tiles.

breathtaking-green-sukabumi-stone (3)
Green Sukabumi Stone – Product by Stone Depot

We mentioned the Green Sukabumi Stone at the beginning of this article, luckily now we have a moment to explain about this beautiful natural stone that makes the pool looks perfect. At some point, you won’t mind about the breathtaking view as long as the pool is cozy. But this time you can get both. The view looks great and the pool feels good thanks to the Green Sukabumi Stone that keeps the water clean and shiny. For those who don’t know, the Green Sukabumi Stone offers something different than other natural stone for pool tiles or wall cladding. The stone contains zeolite that can purify the water and keep it clean. As a result, the guests would feel comfortable because the pool is as clean as the view.

Other than that, the pool has a unique design as it looks like a pear-shaped from the sky. Stone Depot has done a great job here because they know how to deal with a tiny space. The pool doesn’t have to be huge and wide, it might feel like a Jacuzzi, but the beauty is in the execution. Instead of building a pool at the top of the resort or in-ground field, Stone Depot built the pool hanging on one side of the resort.  That’s why you can see the forest, the cape, and even the ocean from here. The smart execution gives advantages for the guests as they have a breathtaking view from the pool. There’s no better way to spend your time in Trinidad and Tobago than come to this resort.

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Breathtaking Green Sukabumi Stone in Trinidad & Tobago Pool Project by Stone Depot