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Wall cladding has many techniques that can create unique patterns. This technique is what makes the wall cladding one of the best ways to make walls look better. If previously you thought that the wall was just a barrier from one room to another, wall cladding will make the wall a medium for creating beautiful works. Moreover, there are many choices of materials used for wall cladding that comes in different characters. Some of the popular materials for wall cladding are wood, metal, ceramics, or even natural stone. The last item is used by the Wujil Resort & Conventions Ungaran to make the wall have an elegant accent, creating a beautiful perfection around the corner.

Brown Slate Random Cladding at Wujil Resort & Conventions Ungaran

Bali slate create the Wujil Resort wall cladding look outstanding

When talking about patterns on wall cladding, several standard patterns are the options in construction or remodeling projects. The wall cladding pattern is also usually determined depending on the location, whether the wall is outside or inside. Popular types of patterns include curve patterns, diamond cut, tumbled, or strip cladding. But if you want something different, you can try Brown Slate Random Cladding which will make the walls look like a beautiful mess up. It may sound familiar to a concept, but random cladding will take your breath away. The results of this pattern also look more exotic if you choose brown slate as the base material.

The Wujil Resort & Conventions Ungaran has created something extraordinary using Brown Slate Random Cladding. The combination of the brown slate stone with random cladding texture makes the wall looks awesome. But just because it is a random pattern, doesn’t mean it has no aesthetic value whatsoever. The result is jaw-dropping as the random pattern looks unique thanks to the festive brown color. If you want to steal this concept, you can use the same materials but try to give a different twist. The random pattern is flexible as you can make the horizontal or vertical version of it. This is something great for those of you who want to dress the wall into a better part.

bali-slate-cladding-wujil-resort (2)
Bali brown slate cladding delivers an incredible atmosphere in the Wujil Resort

And when you choose the brown slate as the wall cladding, make sure you determine the finishing cut of the stones. If you plan to make this as the exterior parts, you can choose the rough finishing as it gives a more dramatic pattern. The rough surface will create a beautiful mess that will give character to the wall. Meanwhile, if you build it as an interior wall, the smooth finishing cut is the perfect option. The brown slate with finishing cut offers something that looks elegant. It will create a beautiful perfection just like what you will see at the Wujil Resort & Conventions Ungaran.

Either way, the random cladding with brown slate stone is a perfect combination. You can see the work of art at the Wujil Resort & Conventions Ungaran as the wall dressed with the Brown Slate Random Cladding. This is such an inspiring work that you can copy for your own building projects.

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Brown Slate Random Cladding create the Beauty Perfection at The Wujil Resort & Conventions Ungaran