CNC Mosaics

Mozaik Batu Marmer – Product by Stone Depot

Marble is a renowned natural stone known for its elegant and luxurious design. It is commonly used for flooring, walls, and tabletops, and can also be used to enhance room décor through marble mosaic art pieces produced by Stone Depot.

Stone Depot’s decorative marble mosaics are designed to showcase the beauty of marble’s various colors, patterns, and textures. They offer a wide range of unique mosaic designs, including motifs like the legendary singer Elvis Presley, a woman’s portrait, the face of an ancient Greek philosopher, raised and sunken flower patterns, and round table leaf marble mosaics.

Stone Depot’s marble products come in a variety of colors, such as cream marble, ujungpandang marble, crystalline marble, impala black marble, Tropicana red marble, and onyx marble.

Examples of CNC Mosaics Ideas

1. Elegant Potraits

2. Floral Delights

3. Floor Ornamentation

*The type and model can be customized according to your preferences.