Frequently Asking Question (FAQ)

  • Price
    Our price is can be based on FOB (Free On Board), CNF (Cost and Freight) ‘or CIF (Cost Insurance and Freight).
  • Minimum Order
    Our minimum qty order is 10m2 (For tiles/pavers). There is no minimum for order stone carvings.
  • Delivery Time
    Normally our delivery time takes 5 days after L/C opened or Deposit arrived in our account.
  • Shipping
    Shipping is done by sea freight. In the event no carrier specified, we are free to appoint carrier in the best interest of customers.
  • Service and Guarantee and Claim.
    We will replace or repaired if any manufacturing defect found. Claim can be accepted only for mistake that caused by production or packaging. We are not responsible for any defect that caused by the shipping ‘or any force majure condition.
  • Customer Privacy Policy
    We will keep customer’s own design and will not publish and sell it to another customer.