Pedra Hijau Verde is a premium Bali natural stone for the sparkling swimming pool. Many hotels and resorts over the world have used this exotic natural stone tile to improve the pool. If you need to find
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Green Sukabumi Stone Inside The Pool at Australia Benjamin Young Homes

The green Sukabumi stone or some people call it Pedra Hijau Verde is one of the most famous natural stones from Indonesia that used worldwide. It is not just a regular stone, it is something that can transform your structure into something valuable. Like the hotel’s or villa’s swimming pool that would look shimmering during the day thanks to the Pedra Hijau Verde. It is not surprising that many 5-stars resorts and hotels use this natural stone in their swimming pools. You can use it too if you want to make the pool looks apart from others. The Pedra Hijau Verde installation process needs to be done by the expert in order to maintain its quality and get better results.

Pedra Hijau Verde Installation

Pedra Hijau Verde Installation

To sum up how complicated the Pedra Hijau Verde installation process, let us explain each step that needs to do to install the Pedra Hijau Verde on the swimming pool.

We need to make sure that the surface is clean and free from chemical substance, dust, and make sure there is no single hole, bump, or even a crack. And then we need to prepare the strongest adhesive mix in order to keep the Pedra Hijau Verde stone stick to where it should be. Before we try to stick to each slab of the stone, we need to check the size of the slab with the surface. We suggest to use Mapei Granirapid Grey, then start to mix the silica sand with latex with the mechanical stirrer for a better result mixing. Once it is done, start to apply the mixture & install on steps Pedra Hijau Verde installation as soon as possible before the adhesive starts to dry.

The Pedra Hijau Verde installation process should be done faster when you do this project in the summer or windy weather. You can build a tent to prevent the direct sunlight that can dry and damage the installation process, especially during applying the adhesive and stone slab. Even though you already attach all the pieces, your job is not done yet because you have to make sure that the project would not be exposed to rain, mud, or water for at least 3 days after the installation. And you have to make sure that the sunlight won’t shine to the stone 12 hours after the last installation. Now you know how time-consuming and painstaking the installation process is.

We recommend that the Pedra Hijau Verde installation process should be given to those who have the experience in this project. That would make sure that the result would be suitable with your imagination. Keep in mind that the green Sukabumi stone or Pedra Hijau Verde is not just a regular natural stone, it is something different than others. It means that you need to take care of it carefully to make sure you will get the aesthetic value from this natural stone. That way you will not be disappointed with the result and you will see how beautiful Pedra Hijau Verde on the swimming pool!

Herewith the video explanation regarding Pedra Hijau Verde Installation by Stone Depot.

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