Basalt is a volcanic rock that contains low silica and comes in a dark color. Besides that, it is rich in magnesium and iron. Then, basalt rock mainly consists of plagioclase, olivine, and pyroxene. In addition, it is the most common stone on the earth. Its texture is porous because gas bubbles leave the holes. And, its specimens are generally fine-grained, compact, and glassy. Now, many ocean floors use basalt rocks. Evergreen basalt is one of the most attractive basalts. It is an exotic basalt stone with old green color. Many factories create tiles from this type of basalt.

Uses of Evergreen Basalt

Indonesia Evergreen Basalt Tiles – Product by Stone Depot

During ancient times, engineers used basalt to discover roads. Besides that, they make seats in amphitheaters, stadiums, and other public areas using basalt. In addition, people widely used basalt stones for many other purposes.

In the construction project, basalt also belongs of the most popular materials. We often find pavements and roads from basalt. Even more, people also use basalt as filter stones in the project of drainage and as a part of the concrete mixture in the project of railroad construction. Furthermore, people often use it in slabs & sheets to create bricks, tiles, etc. for constructing large monuments and other buildings.

The next use of basalt is for agriculture. For your information, many gardeners and farmers use basalt stone as it is great to increase plant growth while making it tough for weeds to spread in unwanted growing areas like flowerbeds.

The tensile strength of evergreen basalt is high enough. It is greater than fiberglass or carbon fiber. So, manufacturing pipes & rebars often use melted composites of basalt in wind turbine blade construction.

We may also often see the use of basalt for building construction purposes, especially in the groundwork. Some statues also use basalt as the material. Moreover, you can use it for the toughness of concrete. Due to its high elastic modulus, basalt becomes a bridge at the cracks. One more thing, other uses of basalt include railroad blasts, road bases, asphalt pavement, etc.

Evergreen Basalt Cutting and Finishing

Whether you want to use basalt for indoor or outdoor areas, make sure that you know about the cutting available. The length& breadth is up to 1200 mm, the thickness tolerance is around 2 mm, the standard thickness of basalt paver is 35 mm calibrated, and the standard thickness of basalt tile is 15 mm calibrated. Meanwhile, the maximum size of basalt is 400 mm x 600 mm.

When it comes to finishing, there are a few options available. For your information, you can choose machine-cut, honed, bush-hammered, polished, or flamed basalt stones. So, whether you want to use it for a floor, wall, or pool, make sure that you know the right size and best finish for your project. To maintain your evergreen basalt tile, you should regularly remove the dirt on its surface. If you find stains, you can clean or wipe the surface with water. One more thing, make sure that you always seal the basalt stone.

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