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Bali is known as a paradise on earth and a place for travelers partying and vacationing. With its beautiful natural beauty, cultural heritage, and traditions that are maintained to this day, Bali appears to be the face of Indonesia in the eyes of the world. In the same place, there are also various restaurants that provide appetizing culinary offerings, making you have nostalgia for Balinese food that is rich in flavor. Even for the sake of providing a memorable experience for foreign tourists, many restaurants in Bali combine local and international flavors to suit their tastes. One of them is Resto Bali Uni with the theme of Casual Fine Dining, this place is the right place for the weekend!

Bali Marble Tiles for Interior Resto Uni, Bali (Courtesy of Resto Uni, Bali)

Modern, casual, and friendly impression can be smelled from the first time you step foot at the entrance. With a dominant bright orange tone which is very appetizing, this modern Japanese style restaurant has an energy that will make you feel at home. Although serving Japanese food as a mainstay menu, but you will not feel intimidated by traditional Japanese concepts, instead you will feel a different sensation because of the exotic atmosphere that feels thick in this place. Thanks to Stone Depot, Resto Uni Bali has different characteristics from most restaurants. Rumor has said that they use Bali marble tiles as a twist in this place.

Bali Marble tiles Bring the Contemporary Design

Bali marble tiles do seem to dominate this place, it brings balance in the restaurant and matches the bright orange tone. Even if you look at the whole place, you can see the right balance between the choice of cushion colors, the use of Japanese wooden tables and chairs, with contemporary mural ornaments on the walls. This balance is in accordance with the typical Japanese philosophy where everything must have a balance in order to be seen and have good benefits. Interestingly, Balinese marble as a background on the floor actually makes everything look perfect. With Java cream marble which has a neutral color, the room has an exotic and elegant ambiance. We should say that everything blends perfectly in just one place.

Bali marble tiles are known as the right component to create a room with an exotic atmosphere. Moreover, this product is available in several variants, such as Mega Red Java marble which has quite bright and fire colors. There is also White Crystalline marble which has charming and distinctive veining. Another alternative that can be chosen is Royal Oyster marble or Java Cream, in this case, that is used at the Resto Uni Bali by Stone Depot, both of these choices have a quieter color and can create an exotic atmosphere and match the minimalist concept because it does not have many veining.

Indonesia White Marble Crsytaline- Product by Stone Depot

So, if you want to have something just like Resto Uni Bali which shows its exoticism in a minimalist concept, we suggest you use Bali marble tiles as the flooring component. You can get the best deal of these marble tiles from the Stone Depot which only offers the best product!

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Exotic Minimalist Concept with Bali Marble Tiles in Project Resto Uni Bali by Stone Depot