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The Bali natural stone offers beautiful decorative service to your house, office, or other commercial structures. They even can last for years. When they begin to look dirty and lose their shine, you know the drill: it’s time to clean them. There are several care and maintenance tips to keep the beauty of natural stone for generations to come.

Andesite stone – Natural stone applications in modern home design appeal to be unique and engaging. An example of natural stone used is andesite stone. This stone will make our everyday living look more luxurious than before. Actually, plenty of buildings already applied this material, such as cafes, banks, restaurants, government buildings, schools, and industrial places. The majority of that building uses the stone in the corner for natural stone walls. The combination of a beautiful design with the main focus on the use of andesite clearly makes your home luxurious and elegant. When used in the interior, this natural stone also gives the room a timeless and elegant impression.

Outdoor walls with andesite stone look elegant and beautiful

Andesite is a volcanic stone, which is a stone created from the release of volcanic material that hardens because exposed to air. This stone has a rough texture even though the surface has been smoothed. The primary color of this stone is light gray, but some have a light to dark color range. Andesite is solid and has tiny pores. This character also makes andesite stone material tough and needs minimal maintenance. A house designed with andesite stone elements will look beautiful and calm. Need to know that Andesite stone is similar to basalt stone, only lighter in color, and contains less iron and magnesium than basalt.

Andesite stone application

Grey Andesite stone for pedestrian walkway in Perth, Australia

Andesite stone is versatile and adds a distinct texture to your interior design. Not to mention the availability of stone abundant in nature and is often used in environmentally friendly green building projects. It contains no harmful ingredients or toxins and can be used safely both indoors and outdoors. In general, andesite can be applied to tile floor designs as well because it is slip-resistant and used in landscape and garden designs. For a more classic and sleek look, you can also think about the application technique.

You can generally choose two types of andesite on the manufacture, natural average andesite (RTA or rata Alam) and machine average andesite (RTM or rata Mesin). Please note this if you want to buy in manufactures. If you need a flat and precise stone surface, the RTM type can be an option. If you want a natural, uneven appearance, choose the RTA type. You can select the standard type for the shape, which is neat and geometric; You can also choose a random type. Some applications you can choose with andesite stone-like tile, wall cladding, storage, tabletops, kitchen counters, and backsplash. Some people also use this stone for accessories like a statue for the perfect decoration.

It is perfect when place in a room or garden. Since ancient times, the Andesite is a suitable material for building temples and statues. Therefore, andesite stones are also referred to as temple stones locally. In addition to the benefits of having aesthetic value, andesite stone also has natural properties in strength. Its strength has even been proven for a long time. The ancient temple is still strong even though it is hundreds of years old. The use of andesite stone in the foundation of the building will increase the strength of the structure. It’s just that its use is limited to the wall area, not the foundation of the main building.

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