Green Sukabumi Stone for Swimming Pool at Amaris Bali (Courtesy of Amaris Hotel, Bali)

Green Sukabumi Stone at Amaris Hotel Bali is the example of how amazing natural stone could be. Natural material is commonly used for classic, traditional, rustic, or country concept of a building. However, natural stone, especially Bali Green Sukabumi proved that natural material could suit any building concept from classic to modern. Green sukabumi stone swimming pool at Amaris Hotel is an example of the usage of natural stone in vibrant concept of modern building. The look, the color, the pattern, and the feel could blend well with the vibrant color concept around the swimming pool as well as the entire building concept.

Green Sukabumi Stone – Unique Green Swimming Pool Tiles

Amaris Hotel Bali used vibrant color concept for the building in order to bring out various energies that come from different colors used on exterior and interior. The building is made minimalist as the common trend in today architecture. Since minimalist style minimizes the use of ornaments and more focus on practical value of the building, one color scheme would be boring and powerless. Therefore, they use various colors to create striking look and draw out energies. Green Sukabumi Stone at Amaris Hotel Bali plays a good part of the addition of green color to the colorful scheme.

Bali Green Sukabumi could suit minimalist style because the stone has nice color of blue green hue with low discoloration. Therefore, with simple arrangement, the stone could create simple look that suit minimalist style well. In Amaris Hotel Bali, the swimming pool is made unique in order to add special touch but not excessive. With a good design and fine combination with other parts of the area, Green Sukabumi Stone at Amaris Hotel Bali becomes the center of attraction of a beautiful outdoor area. The look is nice and sufficiently beautiful that meets modern philosophy.

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Bali Green Sukabumi Stone for Swimming Pool Tiles (Courtesy of Amaris Hotel, Bali)

Green Sukabumi Stone – Bali Green Swimming Pool Tiles  

Bali is a popular tourism island with countless beaches and shore area. The beauty of the ocean is the main attraction of the island. The blue green color of Green Sukabumi Stone could mimic the color of the ocean surface to make it so Bali. Used as the inside of the swimming pool, Green Sukabumi Stone makes the pool look like an ocean inside the building. At the daylight, the sunshine is sparkling beautifully at the surface of Green Sukabumi Stone at Amaris Hotel Bali. At the nighttime, the lights in the surrounding make the pool beautiful.

Green Sukabumi Stone is also accountable for the sense of the area. Swimming pool area is commonly used by the guest to rest and relax. The blue green ocean look is perfect color to create warm, relax, and cozy feeling. When swimming, the color could help the guest to increase spirit to swim dynamically without over exercise. When sitting near the pool, the color could help the guest to get rid stress and refresh mind. When the wind blow gently to the skin, it will make Green Sukabumi Stone at Amaris Hotel Bali become the real stress reliever.

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Indonesia Green Sukabumi Stone – Unique Green Swimming Pool with Bali Green Sukabumi Stone at Amaris Hotel