Green Sukabumi stone or Pedra Hijau Verde belongs to a famous natural stone, especially in the pool tiles market around the world. This natural stone is designed specifically for swimming pool area as the tiles. In Bali, Rio De Janeiro, Maldives, etc., most luxury villas use this natural stone, especially for swimming pools.

The Uses of Green Sukabumi Stone

This natural stone belongs to the natural stone premium classes because it comes with a unique green color. For your information, you can only find this natural stone in Indonesia.

You can also use it as a decorative material outside the pool area. We will give you an example. You add this stone split face in the small swimming pool combined with the main swimming pool. Then, the green color makes this combination looks excellent as it describes the fresh nature of life that can bring more happiness.

Green Sukabumi Stone Finishing

When it comes to finishing, there are 3 options available you can choose.

Sawn Cut and Honed Green Sukabumi Stone Finishing

Sawn Cut and Honed green stone of Sukabumi is available in different sizes ranging from 100 x 100 x 10 to 300 x 300 x 20 or 200 x 400 x 10. They come in the formats of floor tiles and pool tiles.

Mosaic Green Sukabumi Stone

With mosaic finishing, green Sukabumi stone is available in 300 x 300 x 10 with different stripes. Available in mosaic format, this becomes a very stunning mosaic.

Split Face Green Sukabumi Stone

Green Stone Sukabumi is also available in cut to size with split face finishing. The size ranges from 100 x 100 x 300 to 200 x 400 x 30.

Furthermore, this natural stone is also unique with some natural benefits as a natural purify agent, especially for the swimming pool water. In fact, inside this natural stone, you can find natural compound that can purify the pool water, called zeolite.

Green Sukabumi Stone Color Appearance

Basically, this natural stone from Sukabumi comes in two different color options. In the quarry, they are mixed in a certain layer. The basic color of green stone Sukabumi include plain color based and crystal color based.

As we know, Pedra Hijau Verde or Green Stone Sukabumi is a natural stone with color variations. The variation makes it unique & elegant.

How to Solve Problems on Green Sukabumi Stone

There are 2 common issues that can happen on this natural stone. The first is color changing. It happens because the iron content makes the stone oxidized. You can minimize this problem by the material color selection in the process of production. The second problem is crumble. Usually, it happens on crystal color based.

To minimize this issue, you can use the water test & sort the material that can get crumble. That’s about Green Sukabumi Stone. Whether you want to use it for floor, wall, or other purposes, this natural stone always becomes a favorite choice. With this stone, you can enhance your overall home decoration.

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