• Green sukabumi stone – World favourite natural stone for pool

    green sukabumi stone plain

    Green Sukabumi Stone

    Green sukabumi stone is an exotic natural green stone which is become world famous natural stone. As you can find this natural stone in major luxury pool in the world such is in Bali, Brazil, Australia, Thailand, United States of America and others part of world. Green sukabumi stone play in premium class of natural stone since they have very unique green color and only can find in Indonesia. This unique stone also has natural function for purify the pool water as inside this matterial has natural compound who can purify the water named zeolite. Zeolite is the powder which is ussually use for many kind of use such as water treatment and and fertilizer.

    Green sukabumi stone also can be used as a decorative stone outside the pool area for example the green sukabumi split face can be added in the small pool which is combine with the main pool. The green color makes the combination looks perfect as the green color describe a fresh nature of life who can bring happiness prosperity. You can combine also the green color with the grey color from basalt stone so the luxury style can be appear perfectly. Also you can added a wooden floor surrounded the pool area so it looks really nice.

    Some world project who use Green sukabumi stone such as Shanghai hotel project in China, Ana Mandara Resort in Vietnam, Burj Kalifa in dubai and many world project. If you visit the most popular place such as in Phuket (Thailand) or Bali (Indonesia) you can easily find this stone applied in their pool area. In next article I will talk about another fantastic stone from Indonesia which is can be used also for tiles inside the pool.

    If any further assistance, you need regarding our Green Sukabumi Stone, please click this Whatsapp link to contact with us directly: https://wa.me/6287829823421 (Sinta) or email: export@dw-corporation.com

    Green sukabumi stone – World favourite natural stone for pool

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  1. wayne klapko says:

    dear sir/madam, i have sukabumi pool tiles in my swimming pool. some are turning brown what chemical can i drop into the water to remove this mineral deposit showing, i used a chemical once before supplied by the pool company here in phuket but they do not exist any longer can you help me please thanks..
    when i used this chemical last time it made the tiles appear much more greener..
    thanks your help and look forward to your reply
    best regards
    wayne klapko
    phuket, thailand

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