There are many kinds of stones used in the construction industry. One of them is the Grey Basalt Tiles, with an aesthetic look and high quality. Basalt stone, also known as the Andesite stone, is made of crystalized lava.

As a result, you may find this kind of stone in places with volcanoes, such as Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, and many more. The color of Basalt is mostly grey, ranging from light to dark grey. Moreover, other colors are created with grey as their base colors, such as green, grey, and blue-grey.

Those are cool and modern stone colors that are perfect for any installation. Not only a modern and earthy color but Basalt is also equipped with high quality and durability, which makes it one of the best materials to build for exteriors.

Grey Basalt Tiles
Grey Basalt Tiles

The Advantages of Having Grey Basalt Tiles

Grey Basalt tiles are commonly found in traffic areas and pavements. While on the other hand, they also provide a modern and aesthetic look if you install them as interior designs. So, what are other advantages you should know about the Grey Basalt stone?

1. Long-Term Durability

Formed by lava crystallization, Grey Basalt is not only durable but also resistant to heat. As a result, it has become very popular among people who want long-lasting stone materials.

2. High Aesthetic Value and Safe Surface

Though the colors are mostly grey, the shades vary, from light grey to dark grey and a hint of other earthy colors, like green, blue and black. Thus, Grey Basalt Tiles should be on your top list if you want to pick stone materials with high aesthetic value.

Commonly used for floorings, Grey Basalt Tiles have another very suitable characteristic for a comfortable floor. The stone’s surface is not slippery, making it very safe to step on even in wet conditions.

Where to Apply?

Are you interested in installing the Grey Basalt Tiles but have no idea where to apply? Here are some recommended spots to try.

1.   Interior

Adding this stone to your home or apartment is a great idea. Installing grey basalts on your Bathroom and kitchen floor will give your house a fabulous and magnificent touch. This stone can give an aesthetic touch to your home because many shades emerge from this beautiful stone.

2.   Exterior

Another recommended spot to install is on your exterior. Grey Basalt Tiles are perfect for every part of your building., including Hallways, Pool copings, and Wall cladding. It is durable and resistant to heat. As a result, it has become very popular among people who want long-lasting stone materials.

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