Having stones as a decoration in houses or villas is the option many people take due to its durability, affordable price, and natural vibe. Bali basalt or andesite stone by Stone Depot is a good choice if you are looking for a simple yet elegant addition to your places.

What is Bali Andesite Stone

More commonly known as basalt, andesite is a kind of volcanic stone formed by frozen lava hundreds of years ago. Because of that, andesite miner usually finds them on the earth’s surface rather than deep down. Moreover, the stone has a porous yet solid texture because of the formation process

Basalt is one of the favorite decorative stones, second to Bali green stone. However, basalt stone has a grayish, black, or greenish-gray color. Even though both Sukabumi greenstone and basalt are used for decorative purposes, the places in which they are used are usually different.

For example, tile floors for garden pathways or carport tiles usually use andesite as basalt. Meanwhile, Sukabumi stone is well-known as Bali stone pool tiles.

The Benefit of Using Bali Basalt

Bali Basalt for carport at Australian Private House

The reason why basalt is so popular is not just because of its decorative purpose. Here’s why basalt stone by Stone Depot is so worth buying, especially for your place.

1.      It is Very Versatile

Basalt is one of the most versatile stones that you can use in your place. It means it has a decorative purpose as well as a functional purpose. You can use it for the exterior or interior, either as walls or even basalt tile floor.

Basalt tile texture has a non-slip feature and heat & noise isolation, making it perfect for carport tile or any high-traffic and outdoor areas. It is also suitable to serve as tabletops, Bali stone walls, pillars, and even a base for construction work.

In the aesthetic department, basalt with its unique dotty pattern can also be an excellent choice to please the eye. Moreover, when you smoothen the surface of basalt, it gives off a sparkly and shiny look, making it more beautiful.

2.      It Has High Durability and Requires Low Maintenance

When it comes to durability, basalt is one of the best in its department. Basalt is naturally anti-fungal, so cleaning basalt decorations will surely not hassle.

As a natural material, basalt is also a good choice for the environment for its strong resistance to environmental degradation. It means basalt can stand any condition and weather, which makes it an excellent long-term investment for your place.

Cleaning basalt material will not be a hassle, either. It is considered low-maintenance as you can use a vacuum cleaner or microfiber cloth to wipe off the stains. If you need to use chemicals, you can use neutral pH chemicals.

Acquiring Bali basalt is one of the best investments you can make to your place. To get the best quality basalt, you can visit us at Stone Depot, Cirebon, West Java, or you can reach us on Whatsapp on https://wa.me/6287829823421 (Sinta) or email export@dw-corporation.com. We will make sure your order will arrive safely and on time.