Indonesia Green Sukabumi Stone Quarry

Green Sukabumi Stone (Pedra Hijau Verde) is famous natural stone quartz in Indonesia due to they have unique light green color. As you know this stone very suitable for the pool tiles, wall cladding, etc.

Green Sukabumi Stone (Pedra Hijau Verde) quarry located in Cikembar Village, Sukabumi, West Java Province, Indonesia. Its about 100 Km in the southern Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia.

Green Sukabumi Stone (Pedra Hijau Verde) quarry divided into 2 part:  Danoo Quarry and Quarry in Hills.

Danoo (Danau) means lake in local language. This quarry located in underground. In rain season the quarry looks like lake because water fill on it so the local people call it Lake (Danoo/Danau) Quarry.

Indonesia Sukabumi Stone Quarry

The 2nd part of the Green Sukabumi Stone quarry is in Hills. This quarry is more stable because not too affected by the rain season.

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