How Indonesia Black Volcanic Lavastone with Holes is Made

Indonesia Volcanic Lavastone with Holes

Indonesia Black Volcanic Lavastone with Holes or basalt stone is produced unlike any other typical natural stones where they’re excavated at the local regions’ mines. Instead, the stone is excavated from an active volcano where the black lavastone tiles are under constant fire and have gained their iconic small holes in the process. These particular small holes aren’t just for show, as they actually serve as a natural air conditioner for the stone. And thanks to that, the stone becomes harder to gain heat, in addition to the surface having an anti-slip property to avoid potential accidents. That alone should tell that this basalt stone is very durable against heat or other weather conditions, hence its rising popularity among luxurious resorts.

Exotic Indonesia Black Volcanic Lavastone with Holes

Indonesia Lavastone with Holes for Wall Cladding at Starbuck restaurant Dewata, Bali

Of course, the presentation also really matters, and black lavastone tiles really take the cake in that regard. For a start, the stone has an elegant dark color that can change color to become brighter during the dry conditions and darker when it’s wet, a stark difference compared with the equally-famous green Sukabumi tiles. Combine that with the holey surface, and you get a mesmerizing natural stone fit for a swimming pool, walls, and tiles. And while Indonesia Black Volcanic Lavastone with Holes isn’t as dense as an andesite stone, it’s still powerful enough to get the job done with finesse and elegance.

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Indonesia Black Volcanic Lavastone with Holes – Exotic Indonesia Lavastone Wall Cladding with Holes in Starbuck Dewata Bali