Relief your stress by visiting distinguished swimming pool design at Bulgari Hotel and Resort Dubai. And, enjoy the Indonesia Green Stone Tiles inside the pool.

green stone at dubai

Green Stone Sukabumi – Photo courtesy of Bulgari Resort Dubai

It is hard to resist the temptation of Dubai’s magnificent building, modern architecture, and sophisticated technology. There are many places to visit when you are in the most crowded city of the United Arab Emirates, for example, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Fountain, Dubai Miracle, etc. With such a huge modern building, Dubai surely facilitates tourists with fascinating hotel services. The hotels must undoubtedly concern to exterior and interior of their guest rooms, swimming pools, dining rooms, lobbies, and so on. For example, they install Indonesia Green Stone Tiles at Bulgari Hotel and Resort Dubai for their pools. The amazing natural stones from Indonesia sure give a fine touch to this exclusive spot.

Indonesia Green Stone Tiles Characteristics – Things You Should Know

green stone

Green Stone at The Yacht Club, Dubai Bulgari Resort (Courtesy of Bulhari Resort & Hotel, Dubai)

Green Stone Sukabumi Tiles are made of natural stones and popularly used for swimming pool properties. They are recognized as world premium class of natural stones. As a result, many five-star hotels apply them as their pool materials, for instance, Indonesia Green Stone Tiles at Bulgari Hotel and Resort Dubai. The stone has a unique green color, the stone tiles reflect their much-brighter-green-color when they are wet. The material is also slip resistant, meaning that the surface of the tiles helps swimmers to walk better on the pool side, and it is ideal for meeting the safety standard. Green stone sukabumi tiles also have purifying water ability. These stone tiles contain natural substances called zeolite which can naturally purify water. In addition, it’s long-lasting, thanks to its low abrasion level, making it durable stone for a pool. The tiles also come in various sizes so that they will match perfectly for floor or wall decoration.

By installing Indonesia Green Stone Tiles at Bulgari Hotel and Resort Dubai has successfully accomplished its goals to integrate the aesthetic Italian beauty into eye-catching hotel design. Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles at Bulgari Hotel and Resort Dubai are applied for its public and private swimming pools. Once you see the pool, you eagerly feel the sensation of fresh water on your skin since the stones reflect their natural green color perfectly. Imagine yourself taking a dip in the pool with fresh water. You will see how natural stones impact positively on your body and mind.

Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles Supplier – Where to Buy Sukabumi Stone in Dubai ?

Indonesia is the source of the stones. There are many suppliers which offer you the stone just like Indonesia Green Stone Tiles at Bulgari Hotel and Resort Dubai. One of the suppliers is Stone Depot that sells various products of Indonesia’s best natural stones. They already have clients from all over the world and offer only the best products and services. So, no need to worry about the product’s quality and price, they have the best product’s quality control and reasonable price. Besides, you can purchase customized products for the needs of your current projects. Just contact and tell them the details of your needs, and they will be happy to help you.

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Indonesia Green Stone Tiles  Dubai – Accepted Quality by Bulgari Resort & Hotel Dubai