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Marble stone is known as one of the best natural stones in the world. Everyone admits that marble will show something different from a building. Even though the price is quite expensive, the beauty is worth it. So there is no regret if you use marble as a building component. On the contrary, the use of marble will add an elegant impression that gives its own satisfaction. One of the best options to make your home look more beautiful is using Indonesia Java Cream Marble Cascade. This natural stone will make any construction or remodeling project even more luxurious. The Wujil Resort and Conventions Ungaran also uses the same material, but in a different way.

Indonesia cascade marble delivers the beauty of Bali’s nature to the building

Contemporary Wall Cladding at The Wujil Resort & Conventions Ungaran

If usually Indonesia Java Cream Marble Cascade is used for flooring, the Wujil Resort & Conventions use this material in an unusual way. Instead of using it as flooring, the Java Cream Marble is used as wall cladding. This step succeeded in creating a unique, charming, and elegant variation. Moreover, so far many people did not think that something like this could be done. If they can, you can use the same technique to make the wall cladding look out of the ordinary. If you usually thought that marble only works for flooring, then not anymore. This is a cool project to follow.

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The beauty wall cladding with Indonesia Marble Stone at The Wujil Resort

What does Java Cream Marble Cascade do to the Wujil Resort & Conventions Ungaran? As you can see, the character of the marble stone has created a modern look in every corner of the room using this material. Moreover, the hotel also uses several other materials that have succeeded in creating harmony. Java Cream Marble becomes a part of that harmony without compromising the other elements around it. In fact, overall, the use of marble in this hotel makes it an advantage that cannot be found anywhere else. This is the reason experts prefer marble over other natural stones.

Looking at this example, we know that marble is a versatile material. Using it as wall cladding will give a modern look. The story will be different if the hotel uses other materials as wall cladding. Although there are many choices of natural stone that can be used as wall cladding, Java marble is still the best choice. Wall cladding using Java Cream Marble Cascade will look more perfect when combined with marble flooring. This combination will not only create a modern look but also accentuate an unmatched luxurious feel. The wall would be so much different thanks to this amazing material.

As for now, the availability of Java Cream Marble Cascade is abundant in Indonesia. It allows everyone to get the same high-quality material for their construction projects. The price tag for the marble stone is also affordable, just make sure you get a reasonable quote from the supplier. Wujil Resort & Conventions Ungaran has managed to do the right thing with the right material. And you can use the marble stone for wall cladding too!

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Indonesia Java Cream Marble Cascade Cladding Create the Modern Look at The Wujil Resort & Conventions Ungaran