Indonesia lava stone tiles are suitable for various types of interiors, from minimalist, traditional, or even rustic. So, get more info here!

Indonesia Black Lavastone – The Popular Tiles since 80’s


Indonesia Black Lavastone Cladding for Bali Project (Courtesy of Holiday Inn Resort, Bali)

Indonesia lava stone tiles are widely used to decorate buildings such as a high-class hotel, resort, or restaurant. This tile comes from lava stone which is included in the igneous (In Latin: ignis which means fire) rocks category. So, this type of rock was formed from magma which cools and then hardens. The process can occur with or without the crystallization procedure, whether it occurs below (better known as an intrusive rock) or above the surface (known as an extrusive rock). Thus far, there have been more than 700 types of igneous rocks that have been successfully described, and most of them are formed beneath the surface of the earth’s crust.

The earthy impression is indeed one of the reasons why Indonesia lava stone tiles become so popular now. It makes this natural stone as an element that must be present in the construction of a dwelling, starting from a garden, fence, or even a bathroom. However, not all parts of the home can use this natural stone material. A room which is easily exposed to dirt like a kitchen or garage, for example, should not be decorated with natural stone. Natural stone has a character which is difficult to clean when exposed to dirt for instance splashes of car oil or cooking oil.

Indonesia Lava Stone Tiles – Stone Tiles Ideas for 2019


Indonesia Black Lavastone in Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore (Courtesy of Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore)

Before using Indonesia lava stone tiles to decorate your home, you need to know the most popular types of this natural stone. For example, andesite and Bali black lava stone are mostly hunted in the market. Andesite has long been used as a building material. This stone is resistant to weather and moss. So,it makes andesite a favorite to beautify the building or suitable for use in all spaces. This stone isn’t easily scratched too, so it is very appropriate to apply it to the exterior, both on the outside walls of a home or fence wall. With its gray and dark color, andesite shows the elegant look as well.

Aside from andesite, Bali black lava stone is also a type of natural stone which is used as building material. This type of Indonesia lava stone tiles has a texture that is slightly rough and porous pore. This natural stone is worthy to put in the pillar or wall. Then to minimize the growth of moss or mold on the stone surface, it can be overcome by using natural stone paint (coating). To maintain the naturalness and firmness of the stone surface, this treatment can be done every 6 to 12 months.

Indonesia Lava Stone Tiles – Get Lavishness and Naturally Impression with Bali Lava Stone Tiles