Indonesia Lavastone for Swimming Pool Project in Texas, USA (Courtesy of Modern The Terminal, Texas, USA)

Indonesia lava stone is also known as the stone of the borobudur temple in which this type of rock occurs as a result of temperature changes that experienced freezing cold lava so it can be igneous rocks which are the result of magma in the earth’s surface and freezes in the bowels of the earth. The level of the lava rock stone density can be calculated very hard. In addition, the rock types are also included high porosity because it has large pores and tend to be brittle so easily absorb water. This stone is known as the stone temples because the texture and colour of these stones are very similar to a stone that is used as a basic ingredient in the preparation of the temples in ancient times. The stone colours are generally black. Although there variations of colour only on the black density of which there are some stones has a black colour whitish and there are some others who have a deep black colour.

Indonesia lava stone can be an attractive option when you want to enhance your home. The use of natural stone as an element in decorating the house indeed is popular today. There is a wide selection of natural stone that can be used to make your home look more beautiful and classy. This temple stone will be very fit to accentuate the impression of minimalist concept of your home. With the black colour is not too much style, it is certainly consistent with the concept of simplicity that you want highlighted in a minimalist style house. This stone has large pores making it easier moss. So, if you want to apply this kind of stone, you can apply at the indoor. However, you can also apply this type of stone for the exterior. Of course, you will require greater care to be able to keep the stone look that still looks beautiful and elegant.

Indonesia Black Lavastone – The Exclusive Stone from Indonesia


Indonesia Black Lavastone for Wall Cladding (Courtesy of Holiday Inn Resort, Bali)

This type of stone is one kind of natural stone that is very common to be applied in beautifying a building homes ranging from fences, walls, floors, pools, bathrooms, pillar, to the garden area. Although Indonesia lava stone has been unique so many people, when you apply less precise then what you want will be difficult to achieve.

In addition to beautify the buildings can be applied to either of the interior or exterior aspects, Indonesia lava stone also very useful for your aquarium. Many fish lovers do not understand the benefits that owned these rocks. This kind of stone it could provide an ideal environment for your aquarium. These types of natural stone have denitrifying bacteria that could benefit the ecosystem in an aquarium environment. These bacteria can help improve water quality by doing reproduction and remove the nitrate contained in the water. For you that are the Aquaspace lovers should not miss that information so you can present an aquarium ecosystem healthier. However, for the needs of your aquarium, you can choose a rock in the form of an unspoiled and yet the pieces so that it can show the natural side of the rock that will make your aquarium layout more beautiful and lively.

To find rocks of this type are also not a difficult thing to do because now there are many suppliers and distributors of natural stone are scattered in various areas. You can choose a supplier which provides more types and sizes of stones for your need. When you need Indonesia lava stone with a size and shape that is unique and different, you might be able to contact the manufacturer directly stone so you can make reservations

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Indonesia Lavastone – Exotic Natural Stone to Beautify Your Home