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Natural stone is now one of the hot items that many people are looking for. Although the concepts and residential designs are always evolving, many architects still insist on using natural stone as an element in their work. If we take a look at our history line, we all know that the use of natural stone in a property or building is a very common thing. Even in ancient times, several historical sites such as churches to temples have used natural stones as their main materials. They knew that natural stone possessed unmatched strength. Just like the Indonesian natural stone, which famous for its strength and durability.

Exotic Swimming Pool with Indonesia Natural Stone (Photo courtesy of Trinidad & Tobago Swimming Pool Project by Stone Depot)

In the eyes of world-class architects, Indonesia is known as a country rich in natural resources. They know that Indonesia has a variety of natural stones that can be used as a building material. Known as a country that sits on the ring of fire, Indonesia has active volcanoes that often spew out lava almost every year. This makes Indonesia known to have a very abundant source of lava rock. Its use has been known for a long time considering that Borobudur Temple, an ancient site that is hundreds of years old, also uses the same material. Not only that, but Indonesia’s natural stone also offers other very interesting options. What is that?

Green Sukabumi Stone in Trinidad & Tobago Project by Stone Depot

Green Sukabumi Stone for Tropical Swimming Pool (Photo courtesy of Trinidad & Tobago Swimming Pool Project by Stone Depot)

Green Sukabumi stone is now the prima donna of architects from all over the world. Indonesia’s natural stone, which comes from Sukabumi, West Java, is one of the most promising commodities. Natural stone that has been processed into tiles is often used in large projects such as hotels and resorts. Not only in Indonesia, but the tiles also decorated many places around the world. We can find it from Sydney to Dubai, from Bali to Portugal, to one of the luxury hotels in the Trinidad & Tobago project by Stone Depot. Green Sukabumi stone is part of what makes this place look more exotic. Is it that precious so that they have to import from Indonesia?

For those of you who have never heard of it, Green Sukabumi stone tiles are the most suitable when used as pool coping and pool tiling. This green-colored stone has an active compound that works like magic thanks to Zeolite that will kill bacteria and ammonia in the water. As a result, the swimming pool water will remain clean and clear, something guests really happy to see. On the other hand, this ability also allows us to reduce the cost of maintaining swimming pools. You don’t need to give extra care or special substances to purify the water. Green Sukabumi stone will ensure that the swimming pool is clean every day.

Other things that you need to know about the Green Sukabumi stone tiles at the Trinidad & Tobago project by Stone Depot, is its presence that makes the site looks fabulous. Everyone agrees that this place has a very beautiful swimming pool with a tropical atmosphere that will give you happiness.

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