Indonesia Natural Zeolite – Things You Need to Know

Indonesia Powder Zeolite

Indonesia Powder Zeolite

The world-renowned material like green Sukabumi stone has long been acknowledged by not only its tremendous color, but also by Indonesia Natural Zeolite in it. If you haven’t known, Indonesia has an enormous potential deposit of natural zeolites (more than 400 million tons!) thanks to its location within the primary area of Ring of Fire. However, what exactly is this so-called zeolite? And why they can be useful not only for human health but also for agriculture? Enrich your knowledge about this particular mineral component and learn how you’ll indirectly get them as the most delightful gift too,through your purchase of green Sukabumi stone.

Indonesia Natural Zeolite – Why Zeolite is Good for Agriculture?

Indonesia Granular Zeolite

Indonesia Granular Zeolite

The anti-slip quality and naturally verdant green color aren’t the only things notable from zeolites. More about Indonesia Natural Zeolite can be traced back to its origin in 1756. A Swedish mineralogist named Alex Fredrik Cronstedt classified it as a mineral after gathering some crystals from a copper mine in Sweden. With the meaning of “boiling stones” in Greek, zeolites have indeed a capacity to foam when heated to about 3920F (200°C). With commercial manufacture and application started in the 1960s, zeolites have always retained their good quality found in volcanic rocks. And these excellent minerals can be found in Indonesia’s natural stones like green Sukabumi or black lava stones.

Through a proper utilization in agriculture, the quality of Indonesia Natural Zeolite can be prooved due to their ability to lose and gain water reversibly. These minerals can perform their task as natural stabilizers and enable both organic and inorganic fertilizers to release their nutrients gradually. Moreover, zeolites work well for agriculture due to their high level of porosity. Most of the primary utilization of zeolites in agriculture is to trap, store, and release the nitrogen. Do note, however, that the performance of natural zeolites must be evaluated carefully. Considering that around 50 different species of zeolites are available around the world, each can show diverse chemical compositions, structures, and performance results.

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Indonesia Natural Green Zeolite for Agriculture

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Indonesia Natural Zeolite for Agriculture – Benefits That You Can Get