Indonesia volcanic lavastone tiles are used at Villa Sound of the Sea Canggu because of their advantages as materials.

Indonesia Black Lavastone Pool Tiles at Villa Sound of The Sea Canggu, Bali (Courtesy of Villa Sound of The Sea Canggu, Bali)

Indonesia’s volcanic lavastone has adorned modern holiday accommodations. Villa Sound of the Sea in Canggu, Bali, uses Indonesia black lavastone tiles as decorative elements in its hallways and swimming pool. The black temple stone, which is a product of volcanic activities, has distinctive appearances and textures. It is great for exterior and interior, but you need to consider the maintenance aspect. Remember, despite its durability, lavastone or also known as ‘temple stone’ can also get deteriorated by natural elements, such as rain and wind. You must consider how its appearance will end up if you want to build a holiday property like Villa Sound of the Sea.

Indonesia Black Lavastone Tiles – The Durability Element

Indonesia Black Lavastone Tiles

Villa Sound of the Sea uses Indonesia volcanic lavastone tiles to pave the edges of the pool and the hallways. Not only have a great rustic look to match the villa’s design, but they also contribute to the sturdiness of the construction. Just like the ancient temples in Indonesia that are still standing, adding lava stone into your constructions will contribute to the durability element. This stone doesn’t get scratched easily, and it can handle heat easily, which makes it ideal for an outdoor pool paving. It also withstands UV rays exposure and even cleaning chemicals, making maintenance easier.

Black Volcanic Lavastone from Indonesia also has a great non-slip surface, perfect for an exterior floor or pathway. You can order different lava stone tiles from one good supplier. Camel cladding, mosaic tiles, cut panels, and even random cladding panels are available widely to give your property a unique look. The stone is also free of fading (or at least just get affected very little). If you install it indoor, the lava stone tiles can “work” as the noise-reducing material, creating a more comfortable atmosphere, especially in bedrooms. Plus, since the stone undergoes very little treatment, it is one of the most sustainable materials. You can create a dark, elegant decoration or construction like at Villa Sound of the Sea.

Indonesia Lavastone Tiles – Black Temple Stone and The Benefits

Indonesia Volcanic Lavastone Tiles – All Varian Colour

While lava stone has a lot of positive qualities, it is still a heavy and expensive material. You must carefully consider how many tiles you want to order, so they match the project. Lava stone is also hard to modify. If you are unsatisfied with how they look, you cannot do a refinishing project. Also, if the stone experiences damages (such as chips or cracks), the repair will be very difficult and expensive. Even if the damage is small, you will end up fixing a larger portion of the stone area. Despite the flaws, Indonesia’s volcanic lava stone tiles for swimming pool tiles are iconic materials that you can find at expensive holiday properties.

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Indonesia Volcanic Lavastone Tiles – Advantages of Volcanic Lava Stone Tiles at Villa Sound of the Sea