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Do you ever feel that feeling like when you entered a restaurant and then you suddenly amazed by the ambiance and went ‘Oh, this place is nice and I’m sure the food tastes delish too’? I’m sure I’m not the only one that felt the same impression. Well, I agree that every restaurant needs to have certain characteristics that give a good first impression to every guest only with the ambiance. It is very important because the guest will not only taste the food and beverages but they also need to feel comfortable during the visit. So, when it comes to restaurants, the design does at least 70% job before the guests try the foods and delicacy. The first impression does matter! Let’s see how the beautiful the Modern-Classic Restaurant used Bali Marble Stone with exotic designs.

Bali Marble Stone for Modern-Classic Restaurant

Bali White Marble Stone in Resto Uni, Bali (Courtesy of Resto Uni, Bali)

A contemporary styled restaurant is popular thanks to the simplicity of the design, but if you can come up with something different by combining the classic theme in some parts of the room. So the blend of modern and classic will complement each other to create a cozy ambiance for the guests. Of course, this is do-able as long as you know how to mix the concept and choose the right material to make it happen. Once you determined the concept, selecting the best material is the key to the execution. We suggest you use the Bali White Marble Stone as the flooring material because it gives the perfect base before you combine two different concepts. The Bali White Marble Stone looks glamour, eye-catching, and also has a neutral tone for every theme.

The Bali White Marble Stone tiles will give the luxury ambiance for the first time the guests step a foot in the restaurant. The clean white marble with natural veining texture is eye-opening and mesmerizing. We all know that marble is an expensive flooring material that indicates luxury and prosperity. Hence, using the Bali Marble Stone tiles on the restaurant will add the aesthetic value of the area. Plus, it has solid durability so in the long term this is a good investment for the restaurant as it will add the future value of the property, just in case you want to sell it one day. Other than flooring, the use of Bali White Marble stone tiles is versatile as you can install it on the countertop and wall.

Bali White Marble Stone

Talking about the countertop, the bar can be the focal point of the restaurant with a concrete based countertop and the Bali White Marble Stone at the top of it. The exposed concrete borrowed from the modern industrialist theme while the top that comes with the marble stone tiles will add the classic style on there. These combinations match with the modern classic theme so it stills relevant with the grand concept. If you need another tone, the Bali Marble Stone Tiles is also available in three different series, such as the Mega Red Java Marble, Royal Oyster Marble, and Java Cream Marble tiles that might help you playing with several color options.

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Modern Classic Restaurant with Bali White Marble