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The swimming pool has transformed into a way of life, it is not just a part of the training facility anymore. It is not surprising that many hotels, villas, or even residential have a private or public pool. Whether it is small or big, the pool plays a huge role in life especially for those who live right under the equator where the weather is either warm or hot. But few people know that building a swimming pool needs the right material, in this case, the swimming pool tiles that will decide what it looks and how attractive it is for others. So, before you start to build a pool make sure you know 4 types of Indonesia natural stone tiles that will make your pool looks great!

Modern Swimming Pool with Bali Glaze Mosaic

Modern Swimming Pool with Bali Glaze Mosaic at Holiday Inn Resort, Bali

Bali Glaze Mosaic is a type of swimming pool stone tile that is quite popular. These ceramics are even often found in several five-star hotels around the world, from Bali, Dubai, to Pattaya. One of the advantages of the stone tiles is that it can make the water looks shimmering so that it is more attractive for hotel guests. Bali Glaze Mosaic is suitable for swimming pools with a size that is not too large and situated in the open as it will add a refreshing ambiance and pleasing to the eye.

Modern Swimming Pool with Green Sukabumi Stone

Modern Swimming Pool with Green Sukabumi Stone at Sofitel Nusa Dua, Bali

Another option for the Indonesia natural stone tiles you can choose is the Green Sukabumi Stone. The stone tiles are the best selling product from Indonesia as it gives a lot of benefits for the swimming pool. Its striking green color brings a fresh glimpse of the pool. Also, it contains a zeolite particle that will keep the water clean and healthy. It means that the cost of pool maintenance is reduced as you don’t need to change the water frequently. Plus, it has anti-slip and anti-corrosion features that keep the pool durable. The Green Sukabumi Stone tiles are one of the best there is!

Modern Swimming Pool with Mosaic Kuda Laut

Modern Swimming Pool with Mosaic Kuda Laut at Sofitel Nusa Dua, Bali

Among all-natural stone tiles from Indonesia, Mosaic Kuda Laut is the most popular and most widely used in several famous hotel swimming pools. This Bali stone tile can indeed create a special effect because it will make the water look as blue as the sea. Of course, this is an advantage because it can attract hotel guests to try and dip in the pool. Interestingly, the mosaic pattern on this stone tile can be requested as desired. Thus you have more space to explore in designing swimming pools.

Modern Swimming Pool with Silver grey & Skybluestone

Modern Swimming Pool with Silver grey & Skybluestone (Photo Courtesy of Floraville Bangkok, Thailand)

If you like to do an experiment and mix and match things, you need to try the combination of Skybluestone and Silvergrey stone tiles for the swimming pool. The two different colors from the Bali stone tiles can create stunning contrast or you can make certain patterns with those tiles. The use of these materials is also great to decide the line to separate the depth. That way people know which part of the pool that is shallow or deep.

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Modern Swimming Pool Design Ideas with Indonesia Natural Stone Tiles