Our Pedra Hijau Portugal is a premium Bali natural stone for the sparkling swimming pool. Many hotels and resorts over the world have used this exotic natural stone tile to improve the pool. If you need to find
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The swimming pool is one of the reasons why the hotel is visited by many guests. Like the current pandemic, hotels can be the safest place to escape from saturating routines. Even if you don’t go to the tourist attractions, a staycation in a hotel can make you feel relieved and relaxed. Visitors will also look for hotels that have complete facilities so that they are not bored when staycation. And the swimming pool is often one of the factors considered by hotel guests. So, do not be surprised if the hotel is always trying to make the swimming pool look luxurious and attract attention. One of the examples of the popular hotel that have a luxury swimming pool that attracts many visitors around the world is the Bulgari Resort & Hotel in Dubai.

Pedra Hijau Portugal and The Special Things

pedra-hijau-portugal-dubai-project (1)
Pedra Hijau Portugal for Luxury Pool in Dubai (Photo courtesy of Bulgari Resort & Hotel in Dubai)

In order to build a beautiful and luxury swimming pool like Bulgari Resort & Hotel in Dubai has had, the material selection is something that needs to be considered carefully. Choosing the wrong material will ruin the whole concept of the luxury pool. One of the most popular pool materials is Pedra Hijau Portugal, a natural stone that will make your pool look glamour day in day out. This material is also the reason why the Bulgari Resort & Hotel in Dubai has used this stone for beauty and functionality purposes.

But what are the special things of the Pedra Hijau Portugal? Firstly, for those who haven’t heard the name, this is a natural stone that is not coming from Portugal. Be surprised, Pedra Hijau Portugal is also known as Green Sukabumi Stone, a manufactured natural stone from West Java Region, Indonesia. People call that this stone is used in various popular hotels and resorts in Portugal as well.

Ask any architect and they will agree that tiling is trivial. It is something that can change the whole appearance of the swimming pool. Choosing the wrong tiles can make your plan going South, I bet you won’t that happen.  But the wind can change as long as you use the Pedra Hijau Portugal as the main material for the swimming pools tiling. This natural stone is amazing because it has many features that give the pool builders abundant benefits.

pedra-hijau-portugal-thailand-project (2)
Pedra Hijau Portugal for Exotic Pool in Thailand (Photo courtesy of Renaissance Pattaya Spa & Resort, Thailand)

The Pedra Hijau Portugal has a natural green color that will make the water looks shimmering during the days.  And when the night comes, the lights out, and bam! You will look at a glamour swimming pool thanks to the green tone and crystal clear shimmering water. During the days, the swimming pool looks attractive as it looks like a tropical beach that gives you freshness. And at night, the pool patio is the most romantic place where you can enjoy the pleasant dinner with the loved ones. This is where the beauty aspect will be obvious. Using the Pedra Hijau Portugal can make the pool looks awesome anytime.

Pedra Hijau Portugal for Tropical Pool in Bali

Other than exoticism, the Pedra Hijau Portugal also offers plenty of features that will be a plus value for the pools’ owners. The stone tiles have small holes that let them “breathe”. It is something that can ensure the pools have stable temperatures as the tiles won’t absorb the heat during the hot summer days. Plus, the anti-slip feature will ensure the pools have safety standards to prevent the pool’s accident occur and keep everyone happy.

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Pedra Hijau Portugal – The Exoticm of Pedra Hijau Portugal for Luxury Swimming Pool