• Pedra Hijau (Verde) a Beautiful Green Natural Stone

    Green Sukabumi Stone Inside The Water – Australian Private Home Project by Stone Depot

    Pedra Hijau (Verde) is a Indonesia Natural Stone which is in quartzite category. People usually called this stone as Green Sukabumi Stone because this stone comes from Sukabumi area in West Java, Indonesia. Pedra Hijau (Verde) is the familiar names in Brazil market.

    Pedra Hijau (Verde) is very nice for wall and pool application.

    Pedra Hijau (Verde)  available in smooth and rough (rock face) finish. In Brazil people more familiar with Pedra Hijau (Verde) Lisa and Pedra Hijau (Verde) Bruta.

    Pedra Hijau (Verde) Lisa or smooth finish very nice for inside pool tiles application.  As you can see on the picture the water in pool will appear clear because Pedra Hijau (Verde) contains zeolite matterial which is used also for water treatment.

    Pedra Hijau (Verde) Bruta or rough (rock face/split face) finish very nice for wall application.  With Pedra Hijau (Verde) Bruta the wall looks more natural with the cool color.

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    Pedra Hijau (Verde) a Beautiful Green Natural Stone

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