Pedra Hijau Verde Stone

Building construction requires several essential things to prepare. Ensure to use only high-quality materials for a solid and long-lasting building. Pedra Hijau Verde will give you high-quality stone and an aesthetically natural-looking shade to your swimming pool tiles, bathroom floors, and walls.

Moreover, there are many other advantages and extraordinary things about these color-changing stones.

The Characteristics of Pedra Hijau Verde Stone

Here are some interesting characteristics of the green-colored Pedra HIjau Vedre stone.

1.   Types of Pattern

Let’s learn about three different and unique patterns of Pedra Hijau Verde.

–       Plain stone

The first type radiates calm and charming vibes into your walls or tiles. It is also less heavy than other types of patterns.

–       Split Face

If you prefer a darker color and bold pattern, consider installing the Split Face Pedra Hijau Verde pattern for your wall building.

–       Crystal pattern

The last type is the crystal pattern. It is indicated with more significant spots that look like a crystal-like shape.

2.   Finishing of Pedra Hijau Verde Stone

The pattern and the finishing part also play an essential role in providing aesthetic value to your stone walls and tiles.

–       Sawn Cut

As the earlier type of finishing, sawn cut produces stone walls or tiles finishing that is less smooth because of the machine scratches.

–          Honed

It is better to choose honed finishing for your swimming pool floors as it gives a smoother result. Honed finishing floors will provide a safe and better surface for people to walk on.

–          Rough Face

If you prefer wall stone with a more natural look, the rough face finishing is the best choice as it has a rough natural surface. Many people use the rough face finishing for a natural-looking wall building.

–          Bullnose

Bullnose is a finishing trim with rounded edges that are perfect for covering the corner part of your walls and tiles.

–          Bevel

If bullnose has round edges, then bevel has edges cut at a certain angle to cover some dangerous angles on your tiles and floors.

Why Should You Use Pedra Hijau Verde Stone

Please get to know the advantages of Pedra Hijau Verde Stone below before you install them into your house exteriors. Here is the list of the benefits of using Pedra Hijau Verde stone.

1.   Great Durability

It is highly recommended to install Pedra Hijau Verde stone as it has more benefits compared to other materials with similar characteristics. It is also Well-known for swimming pool tiles and floors. Many countries prefer to apply Pedra Hijau Verde Stone for its beauty and outstanding durability.

2. Give a Pool Unique Ambiance

The green color of Pedra Hijau looks perfect even when it is in the water. The shade of green changes as it touches the water, making it highly recommended for swimming pool walls or tiles. Pedra Hijau Verde stone contains an important substance with a low absorption ability and a neutral pH.

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