• Pedra Hitam (Preta), Unique Indonesia Black Lava Stone

    Another famous stone in Brazil market is Pedra Hitam (Preta), an Indonesia Black Lava Stone which is has black color with small porous. Pedra Hitam (Preta) very suitable for pool bench, pool tiles, wall cladding, and floor.

    Pedra Hitam (Preta)  has unique characteristic because of the porous surface and the black preta color.

    Pedra Hitam (Preta) available in any size with maximum cutting size 400×600 mm, also available in Lisa and Bruta finish.

    Pedra Hitam (Preta) Lisa usually used in floor application, wall tiles and pool tiles. Meanwhile Pedra Hitam (Preta) Bruta can be used for wall cladding application.

    Please contact us for the inquiry of Pedra Hitam (Preta) Lisa. Email: info@omegastones.net


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