• Black Volcanic Lava Stone Tiles Create Natural Ambience in Jewel Changi Airport Singapore


    The surrounding’s claddings at Jewel’s Heart

    Black Volcanic Lava Stone Tiles in Changi Airport, Singapore, are used by the architects to create natural ambience.

    Jewel Changi Airport opens on April 17 and soon becomes one of the travel destinations in Singapore.

    Usually, people come to airport just to board on a plane, yet Jewel Changi Airport changes the airport into one of the must-see destinations in Singapore. You can found great experiences such as dining, shopping, and walking around of the wondrous places in here.

    Visitors will enjoy a great scenery with the combination of nature and technology. One of the factors that creates the natural ambience that the architects choose for the airport design is about the natural stone.

    Using natural stone as a building materials creates an elegant and calmness feel in the airport.

    Many people from around the world come this place attracted with the natural stone inside the airport, especially it’s because this unique and popular stone only can found on Bali, Indonesia.

    Black Volcanic Lava Stone is a type of basalt which is popular as durable Bali natural stone. The architect of Jewel Changi Airport Singapore had chosen this Bali Lava Stone as a main cladding materials around 44,000 sqm to give the property a natural look yet so sophisticated and astonishing.


    Modern Architecture combine with Natural vibes of Black Lavastone

    Reasons Why Architects Need Black Lava Stone

    Fyi, Black volcanic lava stone tiles are perfect choice for a solid and long-lasting property.

    What make it called like that?

    It’s because Lava stone are used as a material in some famous temples in Indonesia such as Borobudur and Prambanan. These stones are unique and also durable against any weather. As a proof, the legendary temples Borobudur and Prambanan has stood for centuries.

    It is also probably one of the reasons why the architects use black volcanic lava stone tiles in Jewel Changi Airport Singapore. They want to build a property that is long lasting.


    People use Black Lava stone also as the material for the swimming pool tiles, landscaping, or bathroom tiles. These kinds of tiles are great for flooring in any property carrying the natural beauty and texture of the black lava stone.

    If you want to build a house with natural look and also calming and relaxing ambience, Lava stone are the perfect choice because natural ambience is one of the black lava stone benefits.

    You can match this basalt with other shades of colors also. Since Bali natural stone tiles are monochromatic and timeless, it is easier to mix or match these tiles with other decoration for your property.



    Stunning fountains made by Bali Lava Stone

    Another benefits of Black Volcanic Lava Stone Tiles in Jewel Changi Airport 

    Discover from Indonesia, Black lava stone tiles have been popular all over the world because of the beauty and the durability. One of the international project that using this durable stone is Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore.

    Black Lava stone tiles have several different colors, textures and style to choose from depending on your home decoration. Since the stone come from hot lava, black lava stone have a wide color range. This happen because of the different temperature and environment when the hot lava freeze. Other benefit of these tiles is the resistance to scratches, stains, and slips.

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    Black Volcanic Lava Stone Tiles Create Natural Ambience in Jewel Changi Airport Singapore