• Paras Kerobokan Stone, A Beauty Bali Stone

    When We talk about Bali, Our mind must be directly connected to famous name of Island in indonesia which is identical with beautiful view.

    Beside beauty nature view Bali has many stone such as Paras Kerobokan Stone (Batu Kerobokan), Serai Stone, Candi Bali Stone, Paras Sirikarang Stone, Bali Slate (Templek Bali), Taro Stone, Karang Bali Stone, Bali Pink, Paras Bali Abu (Bali Grey Paras), and Apung merah.

    In this article I keen review about Paras Kerobokan Stone. Kerobokan its self is the name of the place in Bali Island. Paras Kerobokan Stone has unique grey color with black dot in stone surface.

    Paras Kerobokan Stone very suitable for wall cladding and other wall application. Paras Kerobokan Stone also very nice for the wall bricks to get the natural view effect.

    For the natural split face cut, Paras Kerobokan Stone normal size 300x300x30 mm but you can order for another thicker cut to size finish.

    Paras Kerobokan Stone also can be made for another honed or sawn cut finish like below picture.

    This stone has flat surface, different with the split face finish which is has rough surface.

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