Green Sukabumi Stone

Green Sukabumi Stone – Product by Omega Stone of Arts

Green Sukabumi Stone or also known as Indonesia Green Stone Tiles is a type of quartzite stone that has an emerald green color. Our Green Sukabumi Stone product has popularity in building stone material demands due to mostly global luxury resort used this Indonesia green stone tiles for swimming pool. Our global project that has used green sukabumi stone tiles for swimming pools can found in Phuket, Bali, Maldives, Hawaii, Sanya, Haikou, and much tropical design resort in the world.

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Green sukabumi stone is formed by unique material inside. The material inside of Green sukabumi stone is able to crates the swimming pool cleaner and healthier. Zeolite is the unique chemical material inside of Indonesia Green Stone Tiles. Based on our laboratory test, herewith we explain the composition of the Green Sukabumi stone product.

SiO2: 66.68%……………..Al2O3: 12.26%
Fe2O3: 1.81% …………….Cao : 4.25%
MgO: 1.05% ……………..Na2O: 2.46%
K2O: 2.66% …………….TiO2 : 0.19%
MnO2   : 0.06% …………….P2O5 : 0.06%
H2O: 1.18%
pH: 7.5
Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC)     : 138.40 meq %

Green Sukabumi Stone – Product Description

  • Product Name: Green Sukabumi Stone or Indonesia Green Stone Tiles
  • Material Type: Quartzite
  • Color: Plain and Crystal Green Color
  • Finishing: Sawn cut, honed, split face, mosaic green sukabumi
  • Cutting available : 100x100x10, 100x200x10, 150x150x10, 200x200x10 mm (Can be custom)
  • Thickness Available: 10mm, 20mm, 30mm (Can be custom)
  • Length and breadth of up to 600mm

Green Sukabumi Stone for Swimming Pool – Application

Green Sukabumi Stone Inside The Pool – Courtesy of Australia Benjamin Young Homes, MBA Award
Green Sukabumi Stone for Swimming Pool (Courtesy of Cambodia Project by Stone Depot)

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