Black Basalt Titan

Indonesia Basalt Black Titan

Indonesia Black Basalt Titan is an exotic basalt stone with Dark Grey color and black-spot appearance on the stone’s surface.

Split faced ideal for water/landscape garden features, Suitable for pavers, tiles, striking wall application, pool coping also a floor that in high traffic application.

Cutting available:

  • Any size with max size 400×600 mm
  • Tile standard thickness of 15 mm Calibrated
  • Paver standard thickness of 35 mm Calibrated
  • Thickness tolerance ± 2mm
  • Length and breadth of up to 600 mm

Fishing Available :

  • Sawn Cut
  • Honed
  • Polish
  • Flamed
  • Split Face
  • Bush Hammered

Please note color variations are normal in natural stone. These images only represent the general appearance found in this product.