Indonesia Marble Tiles

Indonesia Marble Tiles – Product by Stone Depot

Indonesia Marble Tiles products are made from local natural marble stone that mined in our quarry at West Java, Indonesia. Our Indonesia Marble tiles divided into three types; beige marble, grey marble, and cream marble.

Our Indonesia Marble Tiles normally has used for interior and exterior flooring tiles. We can customize the sizes from small tiles into large slabs.

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Indonesia Marble Tiles – Product Description

  • Product name: Indonesia Marble Tiles
  • Material type: Marble
  • Color available: Beige, Cream, and Grey
  • Cutting available : 300x600mm, 600x600mm to max size 1000×1000 mm
  • Thickness available: Tile standard thickness of 15 mm and 20mm Calibrated
  • Finishing available: Polished, honed matt
  • Application: Interior/Exterior flooring tile, wall cladding application, kitchen countertop, top table
  • Indonesia Beige Marble Tiles
Indonesia Beige Marble Tiles – Product by Stone Depot

Indonesia Beige Marble Tiles is the creamy beige marble that suitable for elegance and minimalist home design concepts. Our Indonesia Beige Marble can be cut into tiles size and countertop/top table requested as well.

  • Indonesia Cream Marble Tiles
Indonesia Cream Marble Tiles – Product by Stone Depot

Indonesia Cream Marble Tiles is another elegant natural marble stone with cream light color appearance. This type is one of the popular requests in the market. Many local to global resorts have used this stone to enhance the quality of their flooring and wall cladding as well.

  • Indonesia Grey Marble Tiles
Indonesia Grey Marble Tiles – Product by Stone Depot

Indonesia Grey Marble Tiles is a different natural marble stone with imperial grey color as the main point characteristic. Our Grey marble product often uses for exotic flooring tile in the standard to favorites villas.