Another unique from natural stones is Indonesia sandstone tiles. Sandstone rocks are kind of sedimentary rocks that made from small grains of quartz and feldspar minerals. They are often used as building stones. These stones come from the layers of eroded earth, which is deposited on top of each other’s. They pressed down more and more until the bottom of the layers turn into rock. It takes long time that little pieces of our earth have been eroded-broken, about thousands or millions of years and then these pieces worn by wind and water. This is a little of our earth washed downstream where they settle to the bottom of rivers, lakes, and oceans.

Like sand, sandstone may be any color, but in our quarry the colors are white with brown/yellow grains, yellow and white. Sandstones also are quartz based, small-grained, well bonded sandstone with a prevalence of calcite material giving it a creamy white appearance. The iron content contained in the sandstone gives common reddish color. Because it is formed in the river, lake or soil, sandstone also has unique patterns that other stone don’t have. It would be very valuable to apply in the building with even the white sandstone will give the classy and adorable appearance.
For those who would like to make striking for the wall application, pool coping and floor which in middle traffic application, sandstone is very suitable to be applied. Sandstone can also be used for a large project in such architecture for the benches, door surrounds, and pavers. Due to its coarse grain, the use of sandstone should be carried out grinding finish. But the advantage is that sandstone is resistant to weather, so for a long time, the building will remain strong.

Here we are proudly to present our 3 different types of sandstone.
First is Indonesia Golden Palimo Sandstone, which is sandstone with fine grains enabling a smooth, clean surface finish. This sandstone suitable to be applied for pavers, tiles, wall application, pool coping and floor.

Indonesia White Palimo Sandstone maybe can be your next option. It is sandstone, which has creamy white base color. Like Golden Palimo, this sandstone has the same use that is it can be for pavers, tiles, stricking wall application, pool coping also floor that in middle traffic application. Indonesia Yellow Palimanan is another one which has fine grains enabling a smooth, clean surface finish.

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The Beauty of Indonesia Sandstone Tiles