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Natural Slate – A Glimpse of Natural Metamorphic Stone
Slate is one of natural stones that are well grained metamorphic type. Originally, this stone is formed from clay mud and composed of decomposed stone and other organic matter that is hardened by the heat. Slate comes in various colors, but you may find natural grey slate and brown slate the most. There are also wide varieties of natural slate stones available at market today, such as Copper Natural, Copper Polished, Autumn Rustic, Chocolate, Deoli Green Polished, Deoli Green Natural, Himachal Black, Himachal White, and Himachal Green, Golden Natural, Silver Grey Polished, Indian Kashmir and others.

Perhaps you will hardly find this natural stones, since it is only a few and depends on where it is originated. This natural slate is great for flooring and roofing, besides are widely used for lots of monuments. For home decoration, Slate is mostly used for sink, countertops, and slate backsplashes. For interior and exterior decoration, slates are applied for flooring and wall cladding. Another fact is that this stone is also good for garden waterfalls and other natural accent ornaments.

The special characteristics of this natural stone is weatherproof, thus it will endure extreme weather and can be used the same function outdoors. Furthermore, slates are soft, thus it can be designed and carved in certain shape and model you have expected. People usually have slate decoration for their exterior design in creating slate garden waterfalls at home. You are having your own idea and creation in designing private waterfalls as they are widely formed in numerous colors. Designing for commercial purpose are also great by applying slates.

It is important to know that in fact, Slates are durable, impervious to the heat, fire resistant, low absorption, and slip resistance – thus it is popular for bathroom flooring application. Furthermore, having these natural stones design at your home is pleasing since it is easy to maintain. You can just simply clean the floor by applying dust mops with cleaning agents. And the good news is that you do not have to clean it everyday, but once out of three days. Easy and enjoyable isn’t it?

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Indonesia Natural Slate – A Glimpse of Natural Metamorphic Stone